Visit Richmond, BC and Your Taste Buds Will Thank You #IFWTWA #RichmondMoments

Visit Richmond, BC, and your taste buds will thank you. This bustling city has so much going for it. Richmond is known for its beautiful waterfront, gorgeous sunsets, and vibrant city. It is the fourth largest city in British Columbia. It’s bustling with people enjoying everything from the arts to shipyards, but for me the biggest asset here is the memorable Asian culture, and food experience. Whether you are planning a trip near Vancouver, in BC, Canada, or visiting Richmond on its own, you will remember this city.


Visit Richmond, BC and Find Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, pop culture fan, or a foodie, Richmond has something for everyone. This eclectic city is a major cultural hub in Canada, and makes a great travel destination. It is a stone’s throw from Vancouver at only a 10 minute from the airport and just 25 minutes from the US border. Richmond is affordable, fun, safe and a foodie heaven, boasting some of the best Asian food in Canada.

Richmond is more than worth a visit. The hardest part of writing about foodie travel is the amount of rumbling your stomach does when revisiting the details of a trip. This morning while writing this post my stomach won’t stop. I’d fly back out right now for Pepper Lunch Canada’s amazing Beef Pepper Rice, or for an hour at Empire Seafood sampling all the amazing dim sum and dumplings. Empire Seafood’s Wu Gok is worth the flight alone.

In March, right around Spring Break time, I visited Richmond, BC for a foodie tour of The Dumpling Trail. I thought I knew about food before visiting Richmond. Turns out I knew very little about authentic Asian cuisine.

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Good news though, if you love Asian food and culture, this is the place to visit. Richmond, BC is extremely accessible from the United States and from many provinces in Canada as well. Richmond sees many visitors from the West Coast of the US. It is a 2-3 hour flight from California. I flew with WestJet from London, Ontario, so that I could write about Richmond and share some of my experience here.


Once Upon a Time fans will immediately recognize Steveston as none other that Storybrooke, the setting for the show. This seaside village is home to historic homes, amazing wildlife, a Cannery historic site, and more. Visitors should check out the Britannia Shipyards for a trip back in time. They can also shop at any number of the shops that line the streets and dine at any of the wonderful restaurants there. Nature lovers can go whale watching, explore Richmond’s miles of dykes and trails, or just relax at Gary Point Park.

Dumpling maker at Su Hang Restaurant

The Dumpling Trail

Don’t miss some of the best Asian cuisine anywhere to be found when you visit Richmond. The Dumpling Trail is a culinary tour of all things dumpling. You’ll explore all the dumplings you can handle from 20 restaurants that are varied and memorable. So get ready for a crispy, chewy, pot-sticky, fried, stuffed, dumpling culinary experience you’ll never forget. Stay tuned for an in depth post about The Dumpling Trail later this week.



If you’re a lover of culture, you’ll find more culture than you can imagine when you visit Richmond. From the Richmond Olympic Experience Museum to the Richmond Cultural Centre – housing both the Richmond Museum and Richmond Art Gallery – to a 10 Minute Art Tours map to guide you through the contemporary public art in the city, Richmond has a vibrant arts scene.

Family Fun

Visit Richmond for some family fun too. The little ones can enjoy Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment, full of everything from playhouses to zip-lines and fields for back to basics fun, or they can watch planes take off and land at Larry Berg Flight Path Park. School aged kids can whale watch, explore the Cannery, go bike riding, enjoy a day at Watermania, a huge aquatic center, and more. Older kids will love Extreme Air Park, the largest trampoline park in Canada.

Visit Richmond, BC and Have the Time of Your Life

Food and travel are intertwined. When we travel we take the time to pause and enjoy more foods together as a family. My kids are also more adventuresome eaters when we travel, and so am I. There is so much to love about the social food scene in Richmond, BC  and I promise it will leave a lasting impression on you. Plus it is incredibly affordable. Many days our entire group of five enjoyed a massive feast of dumplings that rang in at around $45.

This year Canada topped the New York Times list of 52 Places to Go in 2017. If you are planning to make that happen, I highly suggest spending a week or more in British Columbia. Take a few days in Vancouver exploring and then head to neighbouring Richmond. Save money by staying in Richmond, BC and enjoy the amazing foodie scene.

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If you’re looking for a memorable trip to enjoy the beauty of Canada, visit Richmond, BC. It’s a gem in its own right, and a can’t miss destination.

As a member of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writer’s Association, (IFWTWA) I was recently invited to do a media fam trip with Visit Richmond, BC. Their Dumpling Tour was the focus of the trip. My accommodations, flights, and food were paid for. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

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