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Keep it Together with Tile #Tileit

Keep it together! That’s something I tell myself quite often. As a mom of two, wife, blogger, social media consultant and avid traveler, I’m often on the go. I’m also occasionally frazzled. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost my keys – both in the house and out in the world – or misplaced my phone. It’s a frantic dash to find those things that I need in a day and yet somehow manage to lose. These days, life is a little easier on me, though. I’ve started using Tile to help me keep it together.


Keep it Together at All Times

We’ve all done it. You were frantic and late already, but now you’re running around like a chicken with its head  cut off trying desperately to find your keys. Your kids are whining that you’re going to miss the movie. You snap, “That won’t happen!” But deep down inside, you know it might. You also know that if that happens, you’ll hear about it FOREVER. Or maybe you’re late for school. Or church. Or whatever. It’s the same story with a different setting, but not with Tile.

Tile is a location system that combines a small, unobtrusive tracking Tile Mate or TileSlim and an app to help you quickly and easily locate anything you’ve attached it to. The system comes with the traditional tracking Tile Mate, which is perfect for attaching to keys, coats, bags, or any larger items, as well as the TileSlim which you can slide into your wallet or other smaller items to ensure you can find them whenever you need.


Keep it Together Simply

The Tile system makes it easy to keep it together with their tracking Tile Mate and TileSlim and app. It takes less than a minute to set up. After that, you can “call” your items when you’re nearby, find them on a map if you’re far away, or even get updated on their current location if they’ve been moved. Tile can even call your missing phone. It’s the most comprehensive location device ever made to help you keep it together featuring the world’s largest lost and found system. IT finds an impressive half a million items daily.


The Tile never needs to be charged, so it’s also extremely easy and convenient. It’s guaranteed to last for a full year before it needs to be replaced. The Tile Mate can be used on everything from your key chain to coats to bags to, well, almost anything, really. The Tile Slim has all of the same great tracking features but in the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker. It’s perfect for adding security to your wallet or other thinner object that might be a little too small for the Tile Mate.

You can find the Tile app on The App Store and Google Play, and you can find the Tile trackers online here. Not an online shopper? Canadian Tire, Best Buy, London Drug, and Staples also carry this amazing system.


Keep it Together and Keep Your Sanity with Tile

As a chronic misplacer, I can tell you that the Tile system is amazing. AH-mazing! I LOVE IT already, but I knew I would. The average person spends around 15 minutes looking for their keys and other objects, and I was definitely in that category. Now that I’m using the Tile system, those wasted minutes are gone. Now if I can’t remember where I put the keys or my wallet, I simply use the app, and I find them in no time. Easy peasy. And also awesome. If you’re a chronic misplacer, I encourage you to help yourself keep it together with Tile.

I received product for purposes of this post and I also have some to share with one lucky Canadian reader. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 


Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.