Visiting Florida and Uncovering Something New

The beauty of visiting Florida is that you can travel there every year and still uncover something new and fresh and inviting on each trip. When I was younger I thought everything in Florida centred around Disney. Last year, I visited Florida 5 times and I can tell you that I was wrong.


Florida is something new every time you visit. Last year was a wonderful year for travel here and 2016 is poised to eclipse that. Next week I am heading to one of my favourite states. This time I will be seeing Martin County and Indian River.


This month I look forward to visiting Florida and seeing Martin County and Indian River County, two spots I knew very little about until I started researching for this trip. This time around I have a jam packed schedule and I can’t wait for this adventure.

Martin County and Indian River are otherwise know as the Treasure Coast. The Treasure Coast is on the Atlantic Coast and includes Vero Beach, Jensen Beach and Hobe Sound as well as some spots like Sebastien, Stuart and Palm City. The Treasure Coast gets its name from historic shipwrecks of 1715. A fleet of ships ran into rough weather and apparently capsized and their treasures sank with them in the 1700s off the Atlantic Coast near this area of Florida. Some estimates indicate that treasure might be worth as much as $500 million USD today.

Florida destinations
Who doesn’t love Florida?

Visiting Florida is always a treat. Canadians hold this travel destination close to their hearts. We are some of Florida’s biggest fans and repeat travellers with good reason. Florida is easy to reach by plane or by car and its climate is worth celebrating. Many Canadians make a second home in various parts of Florida during the winter months. I am not one of those snowbirds but I can certainly see that appeal too. 

Next week while visiting Florida, I have several new activities planned. I am trying some new things that are sure to be exciting and fun for me. At least one of these activities scares me a bit, and that’s okay.

Adventures Await

Visiting Florida

It’s a good thing to occasionally be scared into doing something outside your comfort zone. Like surfing. For me, that’s a big deal and a total challenge. There’s so much to do in Indian River County and Martin County my head is spinning already! 

Eight Adventures Waiting In Indian River County and Martin County.

Paddle boarding

I have been wanting to try this for years now. Shortly after I arrive in Indian River County I am going to learn how to paddle board. WOOT! I suspect it is harder than some people make it look. I should have some fun stories about this soon.

Hobe Sound

Hobe Sound local beaches are some of the world’s most important nesting sites for loggerhead seat turtles. I will be looking for some loggerheads nesting. But I might have trouble getting pictures because I have read that flash photography is not allowed when turtles are nesting. It interferes with the process.

Downtown Stuart

This downtown area is beautiful and iconic. It was the first town in Florida to be named Coastal Living’s Happiest Seaside Town in America. It is the #9 Most Beautiful town in America, as declared by both Country Living magazine and House Beautiful. It sounds so lovely I might need to take a lot of pictures and do a bit of shopping. In downtown Stuart you can take a solar powered tram ride. I think this sounds like a great spot to take some photos.

Take a River Cruise

I hear there are a few options in the area of Indian River County and I hope I have the chance to take a short one. It is on my itinerary.

Take a Sea Turtle Nesting Tour

Did you know that these are late at night? I didn’t actually realize that until I received my schedule. I will blame that on being Canadian. No sea turtles up here.

Treasure Museum

Well, you can’t leave the Treasure Coast without seeing the Treasure Museum, right?

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

The first National Wildlife Refuge in the US. That’s right, the first. Amazing history here and so exciting.

Surfing Lessons and Surfing Camp for Kids

Surfing is on my list. I’m sure I will not be great at this but why not? I have always wanted to try or even just to learn the technique involved, so away we go.


As a guest of Visit Florida, I’m sharing the many attributes of travel in the region. I’ve received perks and compensation. This is the first post in a series of posts about the area.

My opinion is all my own and it is 100 % truthful. Stay tuned for more adventures throughout the month. Follow along with #LoveFL hashtag.

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