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Visiting Lion’s Head, Bruce Peninsula #findthelionshead

Recently we were guests of Bruce County while visiting the area and as such we received accommodations and other compensation to share this experience with others.  

Lion’s Head, just south of Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, is a beautiful and unique spot to visit. This area is laid back, picturesque, and friendly as we discovered recently when we spent the weekend exploring Bruce County. I’ve been to the Bruce Peninsula every year since I was a child, and it is truly one of the best ambassadors for nature’s beauty that anyone could find. However, until this summer I’d never ventured to Lion’s Head.


I had always thought that Tobermory and Lion’s Head were way too far north for us to go. But frankly Lion’s Head is not that far past Sauble Beach, and from there Tobermory is only another 45 minutes to an hour. And, it’s worth the drive. The farther you drive up north the more stunning the rock formations along the way.

Just look at that coastline!

Recently my oldest daughter and I had the chance to take a mother/daughter trip out to Lion’s Head for some quality time together. We were again doing the Bruce Peninsula Adventure passport #explorethebruce opportunity. The 2017 Explore The Bruce Passport covers several well known area destinations and some hidden treasures too. There are 12 passport stops and 17 destinations throughout Bruce County on the passport to explore. More about that in another post this week.


From hiking trails to beautiful cottages, beaches and quirky shops and restaurants, Lion’s Head is a great vacation destination. Here’s a bit about the area that I’ve learned from the recent visit with my daughter.

Lion’s Head – Unmatched Beauty

Lion’s Head, Bruce Peninsula is a port village right off the shores of the Isthmus bay. It gets its name from the limestone cliffs surrounding it. When the area is viewed from Georgian Bay, the cliffs make the area look like a lion head. Fun fact, it’s located exactly half way between the equator and the north pole – right on the 45th parallel. The area is known for its beautiful beaches, majestic cliffs, clear blue water, and an atmosphere that is decidedly slower and more laid back than many other destinations.


When we first arrived in Lion’s Head we drove down Main Street and headed to Isthmus Bay to see what we could see. The cottages along the Bay are stunning and couldn’t be closer to the water. SO gorgeous. Another year I would consider looking at a cottage rental here.

While we were in Lion’s Head we stayed at The 45th Parallel Bed and Breakfast. Believe it or not, this was also our first time ever staying at a B & B. Not sure what took us so long. Jenny and Willy were friendly and their home is beautiful. When they moved from their previous B and B, they originally had intentions of retiring from that job. But Jenny missed it too much and so they built their new home with a Bed & Breakfast in mind. The layout is perfect for that. And breakfast was better than we might have had at a restaurant.

Rachel’s Bakery and 50s Diner


Hiking is a must-do if you visit Lion’s Head. With miles of trails that lead to sites like Indian Potholes, Lion’s Head Lookout, the local lighthouse, and caves, there’s no end to the natural beauty in his area. Two must do Trails are – Lindsay Tract and the White Bluff Bruce Trail.


The Lindsay Tract is Passport Stop Number One. There are numerous trails and several different levels of difficulty. We saw many cyclists on the day we visited.


It might come as a surprise to non-Canadians, but Ontario residents all know how spectacular our beaches can be. The beaches in Bruce County are gorgeous and clean and always family friendly. Lion’s Head has a pretty beach with shallow entry and here are campgrounds nearby too. Bruce County in general features some excellent beaches with white sand and beautiful blue water for miles. It’s the perfect way to spend the day or the weekend.

The night we arrived we had dinner near the beach at Rachel’s Bakery and Diner. I was starving so their meals hit the spot perfectly. My daughter had a cheeseburger that was on what looked like a brioche bun and she told me it was fantastic.


The beauty of Lion’s Head doesn’t stop with terra firma. It’s also a Dark Sky community. That means that the entire community has limited bright lighting, so you can see the multitude of stars waiting in the sky. For city dwellers or those living in other populated areas, it might actually be surprising to see the number of stars out there.

Adorable shops and restaurants line the Main Street in Lion’s Head

The Arts

Lion’s Head has a vibrant artistic community with several art studios in the area. It also hosts a series of free concerts on Friday nights during July and August. You can also find local musicians jamming out on Thursday and Saturday nights. They even have an excellent Farmer’s market held every Saturday morning from Victoria Day weekend through Thanksgiving.


Remember to Look For The Lion’s Head

My daughter and I had a great trip starting in Lion’s Head, Bruce peninsula. I would love to return and bring the rest of the family with us. Lion’s Head has everything you could want for a natural getaway and it’s the perfect base to explore the Bruce.

We were guests of Bruce County while visiting the area and as such we received accommodations and other compensation to share this experience with others. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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  • Freda

    I so want to go there, and living in Southern Ontario, there’s no reason not to! Nice to see you and your lovely daughter had a nice time!

  • Sandy

    Love this post, Paula! It brings back so many wonderful memories for me. I traveled to Tobermory (the Tub!) several times in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. I adore the town and the Bruce Peninsula. I’ve shopped in Lion’s Head before but, never made it a stop for any length of time. I do love that coastline shot! Such a beautiful view. I really need to get back there one of these days soon!