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Caribou Cabin – A New Line of Framed Whiteboards #Giveaways

Caribou Cabin is a new line of chalk, cork, pin, and whiteboards from one of my favorite companies, Posterjack. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’ve used Posterjack products in the past, and I love them. Now, I’ve come back to them again to use one of their Caribou Cabin framed whiteboards. These boards look great, and they make adding a bit more organization to your home easy and stylish.

These Caribou Cabin framed whiteboards and framed pinboards are also perfect for back to school. That’s exactly why we got one for our daughter. This year grade eleven is coming up fast. Grade eleven and grade twelve are serious years at school and organization is crucial. BUT, style is important in my home too.


Caribou Cabin – Stay Organized and Stylish

Growing up, I loved my old pinboard. As I got older and whiteboards came out, I had one of those. Boards like this can be great for helping your family stay organized. Leave important notes for yourself or your family to stay on track with schedules. The thing is, it can be hard to find attractive framed whiteboards and pinboards in Canada. The owner of Posterjack noticed the lack of boards available, which is why they created this line of boards to fill in the gap.

In addition to helping my family stay organized, chalk, cork, pin, and whiteboards have a slightly nostalgic feel to them. These are the tools we used before we had desktop calendars and real time alert apps. While technology has come a long way in helping keep us all organized, I believe there’s still a place for these. That’s why my oldest daughter and I decided to get a whiteboard for her room. She has a hard time staying organized, and with the high school years being so important, we wanted to give her every edge in her studies.


Staying Organized and Stylish

We chose a Caribou Cabin framed whiteboard with a polished grey frame. It’s hanging right over her desk right now so she can leave herself notes about studies and scheduling so she can stay on track. The great thing about the board – and all the boards you can choose – is that they have a nice modern take on an old classic. I love that because we redid her room a couple of years ago and wanted this to look grownup and finished.

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So far, the Caribou Cabin whiteboard we chose looks great in my daughter’s room. I am optimistic it will help her stay organized, too. The chalk, cork, pin, and framed whiteboards from the Caribou Cabin line of Posterjack look super cute, and they’re excellent for keeping busy families on track. We are loving ours. If you’re looking for a bit of old school with a new school twist, give Caribou Cabin a look.

This post has been sponsored by Caribou Cabin which means I received product or compensation. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. Follow instructions for a chance to win one of your own Caribou Cabin 18 by 26 chalk, cork, pin or whiteboards. 

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