Do Your Walls Do You Proud? #Giveaway $100 Posterjack ART

Do your walls make you proud? If not, then maybe you should do something about that.

Late last year I did a fellowship with the UN Foundation’s charitable vaccine advocacy initiative called Shot@Life. We visited Zambia and toured communities, hospitals and clinics and talked to many stakeholders and families about obstacles to getting vaccinations.


It was a gruelling visit and a punishing schedule in extremely hot weather. And it was also one of the coolest things I have ever done. When I am 85 and I look back on life I will remember visiting Zambia and I take pride in the stories we told and the fact that I earned that fellowship. After working hard doing interviews and visiting the many sites we took a few hours to do a safari that last night. IT WAS EPIC.

I mean how many people can say they were on safari in Zambia? I can.

The photos I took that day are some of my favourite photos ever taken on my travels. There was a moment on safari when the driver of our off road vehicle turned down a small dirt path and we spied these three massive elephants right in front of us. We cut the engine and sat and watched and one advanced towards us. In fact we were a bit nervous that he was going to charge, but in the end he was content to do his own thing while we snapped our photos and literally vibrated excitement.


I spend my days mostly sitting at a desk writing. Now, I am not knocking that at all. My office is my zone. In fact it’s one of the biggest reasons we moved to this house, our dream home. After several years of building a business at my dining room table, I needed a dedicated space to work. So, I took the time after we moved in to start filling the space with the tools I required. Desk, bench, office chair, drapes and filing cabinets. But art is always so much harder for me, because it is personal.

Art for me is like choosing the colour of paint on my walls. It is a big commitment. One of my good friends, Margarita, laughs at me because she paints often and for her it is no big deal to paint and paint again if you don’t like the original shade. For me, well, I like to choose with purpose and choose properly the first time. I HATE do overs. Who has time for that?


Anyways, art came slowly but purposefully for my home office. I found a gorgeous canvas at Structube and ordered it for my wall. It is a long picture of tulips and it’s cheery. I have a nice piece of the Eiffel Tour, which Margarita helped me to pick out for the shades in the picture. And that same Margarita helped me to choose my desk and even an arm chair for guests, which are often my children, who pop in and lounge there to talk sometimes. Occasionally, I use the lounge chair, because even though I didn’t think I needed one, it is awesome. That corner though was missing something until now.

For months I wanted to give the photo I took of the elephants on safari a treatment. In fact I almost created something at Christmas but then opted for family photos instead. Then I connected with Posterjack again recently. I love their creative framing options and their great service. So, I finally had a chance to get the elephants a home.


Now my home office walls have another piece of office art and it hangs in my lounge corner. My guest corner. And it makes me extremely happy every day to see it there reminding me that art sometimes sparks 100 different emotions. But this Posterjack office art – it is pride. My walls do me proud. Yours can too.

Posterjack partnered with me for purposes of this post. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. Posterjack is offering one of my readers a chance to make their own beautiful piece of art. The prize is valued at $100. The piece I made is a canvas single panel with a floater frame in espresso. 

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