Mark The Date: Genesis Fertility – Ground-breaking IVF Technology

Maybe you are one of the one in six struggling with infertility in Canada.

You’ve been through a devastating diagnosis and an initial consultation and now you are weighing treatment options. In vitro fertilization is one of those options. The cost can be $10,000 or higher, depending on whether medications are included, so it’s natural to wonder is there anything more I can do?


Well, now Genesis Fertility in BC has a solution that can help. Genesis Fertility Clinic has EEVA, cutting edge technology that helps people venturing through the difficult terrain of infertility. 

EEVA, the early embryo viability assessment technology, is ground-breaking and it’s now at Genesis Fertility. Learn more about EEVA over the next couple of weeks if you follow this blog and my Twitter handle. For now, this is what I want you to remember. Genesis Fertility Centre is the first clinic in Canada, to offer patients the Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva), cutting-edge technology that helps people trying to conceive and Genesis is also the first commercial clinic in North America to offer EEVA.    

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What is EEVA?

How does EEVA help? How does it work? Eeva, designed by Auxogyn Inc., can help improve IVF outcomes by providing information that helps doctors predict which egg is most likely develop with a higher level of accuracy. Eeva uses computer imaging to predict which embryos will likely grow to the day five to six stage, which is a critical milestone in embryo development.

A Non Invasive Technology with IVF

EEVA is a non invasive technology that can improve success rates of IVF. Embryo selection is an important part of the IVF process. With EEVA an embryologist can identify embryos more confidently and transfer the ones that are more likely to develop.


When EEVA is used in combination with traditional methods the likelihood of false positive pregnancy readings drops from 42 % to 14 %. Genesis Fertility and EEVA gives you one more tool to help you become a parent and that’s powerful for those who need to access IVF treatment.

EEVA monitors the whole developmental process of the embryo right from the start using time lapse photography. It is state of the art and permits an embryologist ability to select the healthiest embryos. Many experts are calling this technology a game changer in the field of assisted reproductive technology.

The Statistics

In Canada, one in six people struggle with infertility and in British Columbia 43 % report having been impacted by infertility. Chances are good you know someone who struggled to conceive.

Need More Information?

Get acquainted with EEVA at Genesis NOW! Genesis Fertility Centre is offering an open house Tuesday, February 25th to showcase EEVA and the many other technologies that help create families.  

Open House Details

The Genesis Fertility Open House details:

Genesis Fertility Centre Open House Time: Tuesday, February 25th 6:00pm – 8:00pm Address: 300 – 1367 West Broadway Ave., Vancouver, BC  V6H 4A7 (close to Hemlock and West Broadway)

Phone: 604-879-3032

Registration Page:

Twitter Party

Join us for a Linked Moms Twitter Chat event this coming week. So stay tuned for more details, but trust me you want to be there.

Feb. 19th at 10 p.m. EST and 7 pm. Pacific.  

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I was compensated for my post and my opinion is my own. I believe this product and technology will make a difference for many of the people who read this blog.

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