Last Minute Sales

Well, if you are all still shopping there is some good news today. Deep discounts are happening at a lot of retailers right now. So you may still have time to snag some fabulous last minute presents. Hear that, husband?! My spouse is the best at last minute shopping deals actually. Every year I think really? Do you need to leave it to the day before Christmas? And yet somehow he pulls off a great gift and it is always a good price. We are all savvy and thrifty shoppers here. Sometimes procrastinating pays off.

So SEARS right now is cutting prices like mad. There were several 30% off toy deals yesterday and also 50% off a lot of clothing, purses, jewelry and shoes, boots too. So the good news there is if you need to shop like a Kardashian, you can still save money with these great deals. Loved Glee this past week, when Finn referred to Rachel’s crazed list of demands, “Holy Crap, I’m dating a Kardashian.”

Children’s Place has extra 30% off everything in store.

Northern Reflections has some great deals Boxing Week started early.

And best of all Michaels is open until midnight tonight with Midnight Madness and Crayola 50 % off. Love Crayola products here.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays too.

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