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MeditationRings – Beautiful Jewelry That’s Good for the Soul #spinandwish #Giveaways

MeditationRings brings fashion jewelry with a little something extra to Canada and now the United States, as well. That little something extra is good karma, spirituality and an outlet for positive mental health. Now, whether or not you’re into spirituality and Karma one thing IS for certain, MeditationRings offers some beautiful jewelry and their unique story adds a nice touch. Their rings are almost conversation pieces in addition to being just plain beautiful.


The Story of MeditationRings

This jewelry company based out of Toronto had humble beginnings as a mother-daughter family owned business. The concept was simple – make gorgeous jewelry that was good for the soul. Their pieces are based on Tibetan prayer wheels. Tibetans believe that turning prayer wheels helps the practitioner accumulate wisdom, increase good karma, and purify negative thoughts. MeditationRings are based on that practice. Their rings are designed after Tibetan prayer wheels, with one or more outer bands that can by physically spun around the central ring itself. They are said to bring good luck and fortune as well as peace and serenity to the wearer because they are essentially portable prayer wheels. They even have different names which hold different meanings and are supposed to provide different benefits. Very cool.


My original thought in getting one of these rings was to gift it to my oldest daughter. Payton is 15 and she struggles sometimes with anxiety disorder. That’s where I thought these gorgeous pieces would come in handy. In fact that use I think is extremely valid and would be perfect for anyone with anxiety. But the one I received doesn’t fit her. My fault as she was at school and I probably should have measured her fingers not mine. So, right now, I am the one wearing the lovely Hailey ring and using it as intended. The Hailey spinner ring is really growing on me. And I love the hand carved brushed leaf pattern as well as the sterling silver. Something truly gorgeous about good quality sterling silver especially in the sunny summer months.

The sterling silver Hailey MeditationRings ring that I received.

MeditationRings – The Power of Beauty

I think the idea of jewelry that bolsters the spirit is VERY cool. I’m not really a fidgety person, but I do twirl my rings sometimes. That’s a pretty common habit I think. And I love pretty jewelry, especially rings and earrings. Something like this is perfect for me because it gives me something innocuous to do while working or sitting or even walking.

In addition to that, the idea of wearing a portable spiritual wellness item like the gorgeous jewelry at MeditationRings is very appealing to me, as well.

MeditationRings has a wide variety of rings for men, women, and children. Each design is absolutely gorgeous, and all of them serve a different purpose, from improving focus to purifying energy and receiving anxiety. Whether you are very into spiritual matters or not these rings will appeal because they are also downright gorgeous. They are absolutely for any and everyone. So head over to MeditationRings and see what they have to offer you.

I received product for purposes of this post. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. I am happy to be able to share one of these rings  -PRANA – $50 ARV with a lucky reader too. Follow the instructions for a chance to win.


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