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3 Awesome Theme Parks in The U.S. #travel

The United States is home to many gorgeous states and beaches. And so many wonderful theme parks for families  too. In fact, there are so many great theme parks, it can be difficult to pick the top few. But there are a select group that simply are outstanding entertainment value.

These are some of the most popular theme parks in the U.S. If you have not had the chance to check them out for yourself yet, you should definitely add these U.S theme parks to your bucket list.


3 Amazing US Theme Parks:

Cedar Point –

They are known as the “roller coaster capital of the world” and their 17 thrilling coasters will keep you riding all day long. This is an awesome park for thrill-seekers. You’ll find it in Sandusky, Ohio. That’s pretty easy to get to for many people in Ontario, Canada and areas of the US as well. So many reasons this is one of my favourite US theme parks.


Disney’s Magic Kingdom –

It’s one of the most magical places on earth so, of course, it makes out list. There are so many great rides, along with all of your favorite Disney characters from childhood. It’s one great reason to head down to Florida. There are so many other great reasons to visit the state.

Six Flags Magic Mountain –

There are many Six Flags parks found throughout the States and if you live near one, head over and check it out. There will be loads of fun to keep you entertained. But if you’re going to be in California or you live close enough to travel, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a definite winner. It has 18 roller coasters to enjoy.

Have a Blast at Any of these 3 US Theme Parks

These are just three of the most epic awesome theme parks in the U.S. but there are definitely many more. Have you been to these? Do you have a favourite?

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