Make Back to School Rock with Monster Headphones #BTS

It’s the most musical time of the year. Kidding. Moms and Dads might feel like dancing but tweens and teens, probably not so much. But this year my girls felt like dancing when these Monster headphones arrived for Back to School season here at my house. These beauties landed in my office when the kids were at camp and I was super excited to let them pick which ones they each wanted when they returned.

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Remarkably they both opted for the opposite ones that I would have chosen for them. My older daughter wanted the gaming headphones for her game play. She’s getting a bit more into that than she was when she was younger. So, I have to respect that.


My older daughter had a treasured set of headphones that she used every single day of grade nine. Her headphones help her wind down and destress after a long day. They were really worthwhile and important to her. But they died several months ago and she’s been using some ear buds I had laying around. My tween is now using these Monster Clarity HD wireless on ear headphones. LOVE these.


These Bluetooth Clarity Monster Headphones make the grade for me without question. The wireless Bluetooth part took my tween a day or two to master. But she’s got it now and these are not leaving her sight. She told me to mention here that the battery life is strong and she’s happy with it. In fact the headphone battery outlasts her iPod battery life.


FROM THE Monster headphones Materials:

  • ClarityHD High-Definition Headphones are available in Wired, Wireless & On-Ear ($49.95/$89.95/$179.95): Step up to Monster with these affordable headphones for those who use the earbuds that come with their devices, the ClarityHD line feature a better build, better fit, better sound and better isolation. Now available in an on-ear version, it’s a perfect headphone for studying and commuting to school. These have cutting edge swipe controls for play/pause, tracking, and volume.
    • 2 Sound Profiles: Natural and Super Dynamic.
    • 3 Listening Modes:Wireless, Wired, and USB Hi-Res Direct Digital Audio.
    • Superior Wireless Performance (apt-X).
    • Ultra-Soft Ear  Cushions
    • Pivoting Ear cups.
    • Concealed Adjustable headband. Silicon Padding Won’t slip off your head.
    • Monster Voice Through™ : hear yourself naturally during calls.
    • Active Echo Suppression  Technology. Built-in, high-intelligibility mic for crystal clear calls.
    • Extended battery for all day and all night listening – Over 24 hours at ample level. 30 hours talk time. 20 days standby.
    • Low battery warning tone and light.

Fatal1ty Gaming Headphones: Great for the gamer heading back to school and affordable. With its noise-isolating features, you can easily tune out any dorm room disturbances while focusing on your gaming task at hand or studying. I have tested here out and love the noise cancelling properties myself. The FXM 100 ($79.95) or FXM200 ($119.95)

Buy them here – > https://amzn.to/3hWhWuW

  • •Exclusive fHex720 Sound Chamber Technology
  • •Game-tuned Pure Monster Sound
  • •Custom Built Drivers for Maximum Detail
  • •Detachable Noise Canceling Microphone
  • •In-line Audio Controls•
  • Tangle-free Cable
  • •Comfortable Over-ear design
  • •Engineered for Long Wear
  • •Built Strong and Durable to Take Anywhere

 Our experience with these so far is amazing. We love both sets of headphones. The detachable microphone on the gaming headphones is pretty cool. We’ve been eyeing up gaming headphones for several months now. Many are extremely expensive. My youngest loves that the Monster Clarity HD On Ear wireless Headphones collapse and fold easily into her purse. Monster is a trusted brand and we are happy with these, as you will be too.

  • We received these for consideration here. My opinion is 100 % truthful. 

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  • Pam

    These sound like great headphones. My son has been asking for a new pair of gaming headphones for Christmas and I will have to check these out.

  • Jeanine

    My kids go through so many headphones. These look and sound great, and like they’d be worth checking out. I can’t tell you how many I’m buying and they end up breaking so quickly.

  • Alli Smith

    This sounds like a great Christmas present for the grandkids. I like that they are strong and durable and Monster is a trusted brand and I know the kids will love them.

  • dana vento

    Headphones are something my kids burn through it seems like no matter the price or the quality of the headphone, they end up in the headphone graveyard. I am ok with that though because technology changes so fast that we always find something new and fun, like you have just found.

  • Sarah

    These headphones look great, I will want to have them and I am not even going back to school nor a parent 😉 I am glad your child loves these headphones, they seem to be a great addition for back to school!

  • Christy Garrett

    Those look so nice. I wish these would work for my daughter. She was born deaf and has to wear cochlear implants. She has a special device to attach to her implant instead of headphones. I just think she would like them because they are from “Monster High”.

  • Amanda Love

    It’s awesome to have quality headphones, it doesn’t just give you good audio but helps take care of your ears as well. Cheap earphones can be really bad for your health. What adds to the charm of these headphones is how modern and sleek they look!

  • Nicole Etolen

    Oh, my son already asked me for these. I am still thinking, although he is becoming better with everything.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Last year for school my niece’s kids had to have headphones for school. These headphones I will have to share with my niece for her children. I love that there is three different listening modes and the tangle free cord especially with young children. Thanks for sharing this great headphones.