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5 Handmade Gift Ideas for the Preschool Teacher in Your Life


5 Handmade Gift Ideas for the Preschool Teacher in Your Life

Preschool teachers do so much to help our children grow and learn. They are the educational force that helps prepare our kids for grade school, high school, and beyond.

In the context of my younger daughter’s entire education so far, the preschool teachers might have had the greatest impact. My younger daughter, as some of you know, has some special needs. I talk about that here from time to time.

When my daughter was very small she had a lot of trouble with socializing, so all of her helpers, the therapists and doctors and social workers too, stated clearly that she needed to get started early in preschool so that she would grow the skills needed to help her succeed socially in school. In these early years her preschool teachers worked beautifully with the entire team of specialists to help our girl succeed. This was so valuable to her, and to us, that we would have given anything to these teachers for helping her, and sometimes loving her as if she was their own child, or grandchild.

From time to time even our little one wanted to show the teachers how much she appreciated their help. So we would make little notes and pictures and things that were simple but heartfelt.

As the school year slowly draws to a close, I know many parents and children will be wanting to show some affection and gratitude to these special educators. These handmade gift ideas are a great way to show our preschool teachers how much they mean to us and to our kids.

Handmade Gift Ideas the Kids Can Make

Handmade gifts are so much more special than a card or a gift basket. These handmade gift ideas tell your child’s teacher that they’re important enough to warrant some actual time taken out of the day.

Handmade Cards

Nothing is quite as cute as child’s handmade card. From their creative – if sometimes indecipherable – drawings and writings to their color choices to the big hugs that always come when they gift it, a handmade card pulls at the heartstrings like nothing else.

Paper Plate Crafts

Our kids’ preschool teachers love to remember their students at this adorable age just like we parents do. Why not give them the granddaddy of all homemade gift ideas. The paper plate/hand print combo. Just get yourself some washable paint, a paper plate, and have your little one leave his or her hand prints in center of the paper plate. You can then put a nice saying like “You’re the best teacher. Hands down” on it to add to the cuteness.

A Personalized Video

In this electronic age, a handmade gift can be more that paper plates or drawn cards. Why not take a video of your child giving the teacher a sweet message and then transfer it to a thumb drive so his or her teacher can have it forever. You can combine the thumb drive video with a card for a one-two gratitude punch!

A Finger Paint Masterpiece

Finger painting is a big part of preschool, so I think that makes it a winner on the handmade gift ideas front. You could have your child finger paint a masterpiece of his or her teacher’s favorite movie, pet, animal, or any other personal touch you can think of. It’s an instant keepsake that your child’s preschool teacher will treasure forever.

Photos from Your Child

Recently, children’s cameras have become a big thing. We see them in stores and online all the time now. Why not have your child take their little camera to school and snap pictures of their favorite activity area, friends, and of course, their favorite teacher. You can then put all of those pictures into a nice album for the teacher. It’s always fun and interesting to see the world through a child’s perspective, and it’s a great personalized gift.

My Personal Favourite – a Scrapbook

I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from these handmade gift ideas for preschool teachers. Between reinforcing the interpersonal lessons we’re already teaching our children at home and preparing them for the K – 12 years by giving them a strong basic foundation, our preschool teachers deserve to be honored. These homemade gift ideas for our preschool teachers are a great way to do that.

Do you have any great homemade gift ideas for preschool teachers? I’d love to hear about them.

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  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Those are all wonderful ideas. I think the teachers truly appreciate homemade gifts from the kids, too.

    • Paula

      I sure hope so. We often used to make them something handmade. One year we also gifted a spa gift card to a special teacher.

  • Tammi

    My girls are always making cards and pictures for their friends and teachers, so I needed different ideas this year. These are great, thanks!

  • Nancy

    Handmade cards are the best to receive from children. My nephew made me one for my birthday just a few weeks ago, and I’ve framed his other work he did for me in the past, it’s just so adorable and sweet.

    • Paula

      I agree Maria, As a Mom I sometimes joke I want the jewelry but they give me great thoughtful gifts from the heart and that is priceless.

  • Shasta

    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas. My daughter is in preschool and I feel like preschool teachers just don’t get enough credit. She has learned so much this year and I have been looking for ways to show her teacher just how much she means to us!

    • Paula

      Shasta: You are so welcome. I know exactly what you mean, but looking back I swear they had the biggest impact on getting her to be able to attend school at all. They were really great with my daughter. I cried so hard when she graduated from that school. I knew public school wouldn’t be as supportive and I knew the teachers had loved her and really understood her. That was priceless.

  • Layne

    Great tips! I love your idea about the handmade cards! It’s one of my favorite things to watch my kids make!

  • Felicita Moncada

    Love all these ideas! I love the idea of giving hand made gifts that the teachers can cherish for many, many years. Just so cute and I know the teachers will love it.

  • michele d

    I’m not a crafty mom but those are some great ideas. Handmade cards is a thoughtful gift.

  • Kae James

    I love this. Although my son goes to Daycare, I always celebrate holidays with the kids but most importantly the teachers. Hey, why not? They watch my little critter half of the day when I am work. I like to give them things to make them feel appreciated.

  • sara

    As a teacher I can tell you that we just LOVE handmade gifts from our little ones that we teach. It tells us that we’re appreciated truly, from their hearts.

  • Jeanine

    So many great ideas! I can’t remember what we did when my oldest was pin preschool but nothing as lovely or sweet as mentioned. I think hand made is so much better, personal and sweet!

  • Jesica H

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas and for reminding me to do something special as a thank you to my sons teachers! These things escape my mind way to easily!!!

  • Lynndee

    Those are really great ideas! If I were a teacher, I would love handmade gifts. Handmade gifts are extra-special, for me. 🙂

  • Randa @ TBK

    Oh a video! A video really sticks to my heart because it’s like a little “freeze” you can see what their voices sounded like in years to come.

  • lisa

    These are great ideas. I think the teachers love getting personalized gifts from the little ones. It means they really tried their best to make something from the heart!

  • Bonnie @ wemake7

    Awww these are really sweet and great ideas. I bet any preschool teacher would love to receive those.

  • paula h

    These are some very sweet ideas! My 3 year old would love to make his pre-school teachers a gift, snap, school is almost done for the year too! Perfect timing! Thank you for sharing!

  • Liz Leiro

    I remember how much I loved my Pre-K teacher 🙂 She was such a kind, patient woman who taught us how to read, sing, use scissors, and share. All of the gift ideas you suggested are golden!

  • courtneyLynne

    these are some great gift ideas! My daughters last day of preschool is in afew weeks! I may have to steal one of these ideas for an amend of the year present

  • Pam

    Handmade gifts are the best to give and receive. Lots of cute ideas here. It has been a long time for me since I had a little one that age but I always loved anything to do with hand and footprints.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    We love to make handmade cards. We used to make one for the kids teachers and a homemade ornament at Christmas time.

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    These are really lovely gift ideas. You’ve just made me realise I’ll have to get my sons teachers something when he finishes up playschool for the summer.

  • Gabriel

    I never knew how much impact each kid makes on a teacher until I graduated and had my 4th grade teacher send me a poem I had written for her all those years ago. Little touches help make the stress and long hours worth it for a teacher.