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Tria Beauty Series Post 4: At Home Hair Removal

Tria at Home Hair removal laser has been a regular part of my daily routine now for several weeks. This is post number four about the device which promises to remove hair permanently from legs, underarms and other areas of the body where unwanted hair grows. At the end of this series I get to give a device away (worth $449) and the giveaway will be open to Canada and the U.S.

I have been faithfully using the Tria for several weeks, and have seen it easily integrate into the morning beauty routine here. It works best after a shower on clean skin. Lotions are barriers to the window where the laser pulse comes out. 

Anyways, I appreciate the look of the Tria and have happily chronicled my time using the device. It is attractive, not heavy and also rechargeable. It requires charging at least 

I can’t stress enough how safe and gentle the Tria At Home Hair Removal Laser is. It literally can’t be unlocked by someone with the wrong skin tone and it won’t work without being activated. So, it’s truly a device just for me. I like that. My first post was all about the Tria safety features. And I don’t worry that my kids will accidentally grab it and try to zap each other. I have found also that it’s easy to add Tria At Home Hair Removal Laser to your routine. That was my second post. My third post on tips and tricks to maximize your device is here.

So, what’s left to tell? Well, I am still using the Tria and seeing some small results already. Hair on my legs is thinner. But I am hoping for more than that. I want this to work like magic and erase the hair for a few weeks. I mean, wouldn’t that be perfect timing for resort season and then for summertime, when bare legs are the rule? I have seen many other devices on TV being marketed for at home hair removal. But, the Tria is a licensed Canada medical device. Its results are guaranteed. For best results you need to use it for three months.

Tria doesn’t work when it is still plugged in being charged. It is intended for use on light skin tones. It is not to be used on the groin and it is also not to be used for manscaping. (LOL). The Tria is perfect for facial and body hair that is brown or light brown. It is not for use on red, grey or light blonde hair. It doesn’t absorb enough of the laser light to remove the lighter shades of hair.

I was not compensated for this post, but received a Tria At Home Hair Laser for my personal use. I will give one away in late April or May.

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  • Paula Schuck

    Brenda: Sorry I just spied this comment now. I apologize. I am actually using it on legs and trying a bit on the underarm area. As I get more comfortable I am also trying it on the facial areas I need help with.