A Unique Summer Job Project

Graduating from high school but not yet sure where you want to go with your life? Or college perhaps? Nobody knows that topic quite like Sean Aiken, author of the One-Week Job Project. Aiken, a British Columbia native, became a media celebrity when his very cool 52 jobs in one year tour of North America caught on with legions of people caught in career limbo. Hot on the heels of the book’s success, Aiken who blogged consistently about his jobs over the year, has launched a one-week job summer job project modelled on the very premise of his book. Over at my book review site, I posted an author interview with Sean Aiken last week. Aiken was very enthused about this first semester of the summer job project and he said they’ve already had a great deal of interest. So what do you need to know to be part of this interesting adventure?. Visit the site to find out: For starters though, you should know that Aiken envisions this as a self-directed program, so successful applicants can line up their own jobs and test them out the same way Aiken did. Applicants must be 18 years of age at minimum. They must be residents of Canada or the United States of America. The successful applicant will be paid $1,500 a month to explore their potential careers. Also they will blog about the experience regularly over on the One-Week Job site and provide others with some insight into the job or workplace as in the book. Pre-order the book (can be done on the brainfood site now) and read it then upload a short video application and fill out the written application as well. Happy Job Hunting!

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