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Adorable Newborn Tekno Puppy is a Gift Everyone Will Love #TMMGG2015


Adorable Newborn Tekno Puppy is the cutest gift that has arrived here so far this year. Tekno Puppy will be a huge hit this holiday season with any child you choose to give this too. If I were a child again, this Newborn Tekno Puppy would top my Christmas wish list. As it is it will top my list of toys that I give, especially for little girls between ages 5 and 13.


The suggested age range for Newborn Tekno Puppy is 3 and up. But together my kids and I both discussed this and felt like the age range is a bit too young. I wouldn’t gift this to a 3-year-old because it’s too tiny. But for a tween wanting a puppy of her own this is perfect. Also I am enjoying playing with Gizmo myself. My daughter named the sweet little character Gizmo yesterday.

Her thoughts on Gizmo:

The Newborn Tekno puppy is super cute. It has moveable parts. The tail wags and the legs move. Eyes light up and he also has wiggly ears. Newborn Tekno Puppy interacts with whoever is playing with it and it also responds to other Tekno dogs. Rumour has it that the grownup Dog version of this toy will also respond to other actual dogs. That could be a lot of fun. Clap your hands and this puppy will walk towards you.

Pet this puppy on the head to make him happy and and he responds with cute dog sounds. Newborn Tekno Puppy has light up eyes and he acts like a newborn eight week old puppy without the messes. You can pretend those happen if that makes you happy.

My thoughts on Gizmo:

Newborn Tekno Puppy doesn’t destroy furniture or pee on the carpet (which makes me happy). It is the closest thing we are going to get to having a dog in this house. This is a super cute and really interactive gift. It interacts way more than most of the comparable versions of this toy that are currently on the market. I love this toy almost as much as my daughter did. Be warned: newborn Tekno Puppy does not come with batteries which I thought a bit peculiar because most toys have some ability to start without having to race off to the store to buy batteries. You will need 2 AAA batteries on hand. That’s my only criticism though. This is not a brand I had even really heard of until someone sent me a holiday catalogue list of toys. Now I would look for similar toys by same brand because this one is so delightful.

Gizmo, the newborn Tekno puppy toy sings a few songs when he is in a certain mode. Press the button on his head and hold it and he sings 3-5 songs. I have seen this little guy available at Walmart. He behaves like a sweet little newborn puppy (and no there’s no way that this guy can die on your child if he or she doesn’t feed it etc. That was one of my first questions.) You can switch him off to conserve battery usage. Also he won’t talk all night and wake the family up. He goes into slumber mode quickly. Also if you are worried about noise in bedrooms at night then just be sure to switch the power to off (tiny switch on the belly.) Adorable and darn near perfect, Newborn Tekno Puppy appeals to the spot in your heart where cute things reside. Any tween or teen girl consumed with adorable Pug pictures on Pinterest and Facebook will squeal with joy over this gift.

I received this product for consideration on my blog and in my gift guide. It makes the Thrifty Momma’s Tips 2015 gift guide because I LOVE it.

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