Best Butter Tarts on the Planet

Butter tarts are one of my all time favourite treats. We have made these together many times here and every single batch of these quintessentially Canadian treats is an opportunity to experiment. There are so many variations that you can make when it comes to butter tarts. In fact we like our yummy Canadian desserts simple so the flavour shines through with every bite.

We’ve dubbed these the best butter tarts on the planet and even writing about them makes me want to go grab the butter and sugar and start baking. Do not scrimp on the filling whatever you do. You can add walnuts or raisins or pecans, but whatever variation you make these carmelized sugary treats are a joy to share.


This is my favourite butter tart recipe. We have been making this scrumptious Canadian dessert treat for 3-4 years now at my house. I thought it was time to share this amazing butter tarts recipe with you too. If you don’t know already, my kids love to bake with me. I encourage that because even though it can be messy at times, baking and cooking with kids is a great way to connect and build life skills.

YOU have to make these – > Best Butter Tarts on the Planet

Start with some tart shells. We had the pre-made minis and they were so fabulous. Of course you can also make your own pastry but if time is a factor, and it usually is around here, then you can cut that little corner and use the tart shells. Honestly I won’t judge you at all for that.

Once I attempted to make a gluten free version of butter tarts. Well, let’s just say that those are still being perfected. The crust in gluten free form couldn’t hold up to the syrupy goodness within. The gluten free crust just absorbed too much of the liquid and was unmanageable. One day I will tackle that idea again.

These Butter Tarts are the best ones that we have ever had here.


Best Butter Tarts on the Planet

Okay now to be honest I have not sampled every last butter tart on the planet. But I have eaten my fair share. It’s a thing I always sample when in a new bakery or a new Canadian travel destination. They also have some amazing butter tarts in Bruce County. If you find yourself there, try them. Trust me on that. They are amazing.


 Best Butter Tarts on the Planet Recipe

Combine soft butter (1/4 cup)
Brown sugar (1/4 cup)
Raisins (1/2 cup ) if you wish. I skipped raisins because personally I am not a fan.
Corn syrup (1/2 cup)
1 egg lightly beaten
Pinch of salt.
Blend all of it on medium with blender until creamy.
Spread tarts out on cookie sheet and fill

Perhaps that is a wee bit boastful, but my butter tarts last week were outrageous melt in your mouth delicious. And I think my good friend Margarita would agree. My daughter sent three home with her for her family. Cook them for about 15 minutes at 375 at most. If you make your own pastry you can make this a longer more drawn out affair and use a muffin tin to separate tarts.


I have kids with short attention spans, so when we cook, we occasionally use some ready made items. These are so yummy and distinctly Canadian. We really couldn’t stop eating them. Butter tarts are perfect for sharing at Christmas.

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