Back to School Shopping Doesn’t Need to Be Scary

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The closer my kids get to college or university the scarier life gets for me as a parent. My oldest starts Grade 12 this year and my youngest is heading to Grade 9. Both kids are in high school. Which gets me thinking about the costs involved in attending college or university. Lately I lay awake at night or I break out in a cold sweat randomly throughout the day thinking HOW will we ever afford college or university? Have we saved enough?

High school, which is basically preparation to get your kids ready for leaving the nest, goes so fast. Honestly how is it possible both of my girls are now in high school? When I close my eyes I can remember dropping them both off that first day of kindergarten.  Armed with adorable new backpacks purchased while back to school shopping and kissing hands, basically a kiss placed on each of their outstretched palms, they both disappeared into their classrooms.


Now here we are heading back to high school where the art supplies are a lot more elaborate than Crayola Crayons. And kissing hands don’t cut it anymore. Computers, printers, desks, organizers and USB keys are necessities. The supplies get bigger and more elaborate as kids grow. And there’s always this looming thought of saving more money to maximize that RESP right up until the minute they need it in University. Tuition, room and board, meal plans. I recall what that cost me as a student and it stresses me out as a parent of two.

I have enough to worry about without stressing over the cost of back to school shopping and supplies this year. That’s why Staples is my retail destination of choice. Staples makes back to school shopping easy and affordable.

Thankfully Staples has amazing deals on all the hottest trends. And that’s alleviating my emotional and financial worries about the future at least right now. Plus, they make it simple. Students and stressed out parents have the option of buying in store, on line, or via the mobile app. There’s also a buy online pick up in store option. How’s that for a timesaver? Buy your college or university student furniture and technology on line and have it shipped to the store closest to their post-secondary institution. This makes moving into the dorm or student housing as easy as possible.


Back to School Shopping Style Guide For All Ages:

Little ones will love the animal prints, galaxy patterns and sparkles are just fun for anyone with a feminine side. Back to School style is charming and also a little bit out there this season. It’s easy to get excited about school at any age or stage when the prints and patterns are this colourful and cheery.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sparkles are in. Sequinned backpacks and pencil cases are glamorous and just fun. If you are bold and confident iridescent backpacks and accessories are just the thing to make a big splash on the first day of school.

Animal prints are sweet without being overly juvenile this season. There are some charming Shark patterns that I love and might still scoop up for my nephew. In fact I almost bought one for myself. Sharks are strangely captivating. And matching backpacks and pencil cases featuring blues and sea themes are perfect for adventurers.

Is there anything hotter than GALAXY? No, indeed there isn’t. Galaxy prints lend themselves to kids of all ages but tweens and teens will scoop these up first.


College or University Bound?

LOVE the bright colours for dorms and off campus rooms. No doubt I will enjoy helping to furnish any room my daughter chooses to set up when she leaves for college or university, whether that’s next year or two years from now. But right now even thinking about it makes me a bit heartsick. Thank goodness the cheery bright colours are a bit of a life preserver for me right now.

Oh I know back to school style is not all about me. But I also am conscious of my teenager’s style and she will love all these beautiful turquoise and aqua shades, coupled with greens and greys. In fact, why wait? This year my youngest wants her entire room redone. I think that’s fair actually. Her pre-teen room contained a loft bed set up with attached desk. She’s ready to move on to something more grown up. Now to budget for it and plan, with Staples help of course.

Adore this white desk and shelving unit

Ainsley could use a brand new chair and desk that’s lighter and brighter to start the new year right. Staples online store has some great options available. We will definitely be working some of these pieces into her new space. And Payton needs a new desk lamp for all the late night study sessions and projects that grade 12 will bring soon.


High school goes so quickly and my kids are already starting to get excited about the opportunities ahead. While the future can be both exciting and a bit stressful for both parents and students, Staples makes back to school shopping fun and easy. Staples is your one stop shop for all things dorm related, with school supplies accessories, furniture, technology and more.

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  • Heather

    This really made me want to go to Staples! I liked seeing the locker ideas because I think my oldest will have one this year!

  • Lisam

    I love the nostalgia of back to school shopping. We definitely need new water bottles and lunch boxes this year.

  • Betty S

    have passed this to my friend who has lots of children going back to school. Love the new locker gear you show from staples