Bromley Mountain Ski Resort – What to Expect on The Sunny Side of Vermont

Bromley Mountain ski resort, located in the heart of the Green Mountains, is a family-friendly mountain offering great skiing in the southern Vermont area. With spacious condos, shuttle service, and 47 trails, Bromley Mountain ski resort is an excellent choice for families who want to get the most out of their ski vacation.

What to Expect on the Sunny Side of Vermont

If you are a fan of simplicity – great hills, lots of powder, easy access to lodge, beautiful vistas and waits that are not overtaxing at all, then Bromley is for you. When you come to Bromley, you’ll find great skiing, an intimate environment and good clean fun. Bromley Mountain Ski Resort is a Skiing Family Dream.

What is the Elevation at Bromley Mountain?

With a base elevation of 1,950 feet (596 m) and a summit elevation of 3,284 feet (995 m), Bromley’s slopes are not the steepest in Vermont but they are challenging, scenic, family friendly and there’s some great tree skiing here too. Of all the places we have been in Vermont, this one reminded me most of Mad River Glen. It’s made for skiers and the runs are all flanked by some of the most amazingly gorgeous trees you will see. Yes snowboarders are here too, but I never felt overrun by them. Overall the Peru, Vermont family ski resort has a calm low key vibe.


What is the Vertical Drop at Bromley?

Their vertical drop is 1,334 feet and their longest trail measures in at 2.5 miles. When you combine those numbers with an average snowfall of 145 inches per year, you’ve got a recipe for some great slopes. A fairly even difficulty spread of beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses also means that any skier can find what they need at the resort. In addition, the resort is the only one major ski area in New England with a southern exposure that guarantees some warm rays while you’re on the cold slopes. That’s why they call it Sun Mountain.

Vermont Skiing is Always Fun

We visit Vermont every single year and have been doing so since we took up skiing. Vermont is one of my favourite states. In fact I love their laid back attitude but mostly I adore their gorgeous trees and mountains. If I could live anywhere in the US it would be here in beautiful Vermont. The Farm to Table food philosophy in this state makes for great dining.


What Can You Expect from Bromley Trails?

My Bromley Mountain is relatively adaptable to most types of skiers. We found the lifts quick and efficient the three days we skied there. There are 9 lifts including two beginner’s carpets and a T-Bar (that’s right, you read that correctly.) Sun Mountain Express is a quad high speed and Blue Ribbon is also a quad on the far east side of the Mountain. Sun Chairlift is a two person that goes 3/4s of the way up the mountain and I loved that for variety. Alpine Chairlift goes halfway up the mountain.


Our Favourite Runs

From the summit there are a variety of runs for all experience levels. We enjoyed Run Around many times through all its various changes. Run Around is Run Around 1, 2, 3, and 4. Prouty’s Pass was one of my favourites. Plunge is a double black diamond through the trees and it runs off Prouty’s Pass. That was super popular and I got the distinct feeling people come here for tree skiing often. We did not do Plunge because we are not skilled tree skiers and it’s marked expert level. But I found a short trail where we could try out tree skiing and we all did that.

From Pushover to Shincracker

Between the four of us I think we skied all of the other runs. We only missed Plunge. Jim and Ainsley took pride in tackling the Glade, which had moguls on it. But then again the days that we were at Bromley we were hit with so much snow that several runs had what looked like moguls. They also loved Shincracker, mostly because who wouldn’t love a trail by that name? Pushover was a beautiful blue trail that started from the summit. It is the longest of the trails. The Blue intermediate level Upper Thruway accessed off of Sun Chairlift was another one of my favourites. Ainsley’s favourite might have been Lift Line.

View from the summit of Bromley. Bromley got hit with a lot of March snow this year.

Ski Lessons

Bromley offers a variety of ski lessons for everyone from kids to adults. Their Snowsports School was voted #3 in the East by Ski Magazine for Kid Friendly Activities in 2015. Bromley offers their Kidsrule Mountain Camps for ages 5 through 12. This all-day program for skiers and snowboarders of all levels includes instruction, hot cocoa breaks, lunch, and lift ticket for the day. Their 2-hour program for first-time or beginner skiers and snowboarders is the perfect introduction for kids aged 13 and up. In addition, they offer adaptive lessons.

In fact, Bromley Mountain is all about kids. We watched their kid’s ski school several days and it looked amazing. A great spot to learn. Their terrain area was definitely a hit and is an area that is expected to expand in future.


What’s the BART program?

Bromley also offers adaptive lessons, private lessons, and the 2-hour introduction for adults, as well, which means the entire family can benefit from their knowledgeable teachers. In fact Bromley has an exceptional adaptive ski program called the BART program. It started with a donation after a family lost a son in 9/11. Now the BART program is extremely successful integrating vets and people of all ages with mental and physical disabilities.

The Lodging at Bromley Mountain

Bromley Mountain ski resort doesn’t have a ton of lodging options right at the mountain. But Bromley Village condos are the best option in my opinion. They are available to rent, or purchase. This is where we stayed when at Bromley. These beautifully appointed living spaces feature wood-burning fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, linens, and cable television. Skiers can take advantage of their weekend, weekly, and season options, as well as full access to the clubhouse, complete with an exercise facility, lounge, and WiFi. There’s also the Bromley Lodge which has ski in and ski out access. It’s affordable and you can’t get closer, but it’s not large at all. We stayed an extra night here after skiing for several days. There are many other options in nearby Manchester.


Dining at Bromley

The resorts in Vermont offer some of the best food you’ll find anywhere. Guests of Bromley Mountain can enjoy dining at The Marketplace, Wild Boar Tavern, The Waffle Shack, or The Long Trail Base Camp.

The Marketplace offers quick-serve dining with a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. You’ll find burgers, dogs, chicken fingers, fries, and chili and pizza as well as fresh sandwiches, quesadillas, and salads. The Waffle Shack is outside just off the Wild Boar.

In addition to amazing views, Wild Boar Tavern offers appetizers, soups, sandwiches, salads, and burgers. For beer lovers, they have 18 beers on tap with an impressive collection of craft beers. Wine lovers will also find a wide variety of vintages for any taste. We had a meal at the Wild Boar Tavern before we left and the food was fresh and filling. Great fuel for a day on the slopes.


If you stay at Bromley Village condos then you have plenty of time and space to make your own meals. We drove to Manchester a couple of nights to get meals. Manchester also has great shopping and a grocery store or two, so load up there.

Amanda, a ski instructor who used to visit Bromley as a kid.

Ski Lessons with Amanda

While at Bromley ski resort we had the chance to do a ski lesson again. The kids went on their own lesson and Jim and I did one together. Amanda was super friendly and had a few pointers for me. My left turns are never as good as my right turns. I’m still working on that. Love to do lessons every year because to me skiing is a bit like swimming in that you can always learn new technique and improve.


Why Bromley Ski Resort Is Ideal for Young Families

With some of the best slopes in Vermont, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, Bromley ski resort has something for everyone. But they really excel at catering to young families.

Enjoy their sun-drenched slopes, take break to have a meal at one of their dining establishments and then rest and relax in your comfy condo or home. A trip to Bromley ski resort is simple and good clean fun in more ways than one.

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ON Being Green in the Green Mountains

I was excited to learn that Bromley won the 2017 Energy Leadership award from Efficiency Vermont. Since 2000 Bromley has undertaken 27 energy efficiency projects, and as marketing manager Janessa Purney notes this is a big priority for Bromley.

“It’s is a great way to keep our operating costs down, leaving more money to spend on the fun stuff. In addition, it works within our mission statement: To provide positive memorable Mountain Resort experiences with outstanding, friendly and helpful service in remarkably beautiful surroundings, inspiring guests to return again and again. We’re trying to care for those beautiful surroundings as best we can.”


A Few More Things About Bromley Mountain Ski Resort:

  • Bromley does not do night skiing. Everything closes at 4pm, so squeeze your last runs in at 3:30.
  • There is little to no night life here. Bromley is a quiet, calm environment for skiers and winter sports lovers. It’s all about young families and people with young children, who are typically not out late.
  • Telemark skiing is popular here. There’s a Telemark Festival called Telefest annually and it’s one of the oldest events of its kind in the US. You will see Telemark skiers every day when you are here. Great spot for this.
  • I was surprised to learn that the top of the mountain is part of the Appalachian Trail. In summer that means the ski patrol cabin at the summit is open should hikers need a break from that lengthy journey.
  • Fred Pabst Jr, grandson of Fred Pabst, founded Bromley in 1936. They are, of course, the Pabst Beer family.
  • Now independently owned and managed by The Fairbanks Group.

We were guests of Bromley Mountain ski resort and stayed at Bromley Village while in Peru, Vermont. We received accommodations, lift tickets, lessons and perks while visiting. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


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