9 Reasons Why Life Needs a Yoast SEO Plugin

This week I was resting in Savasana relaxation pose after my fitness class at the YMCA and my mind was wandering.  It’s been a busy, emotional season getting Ainsley registered for high school, and then there was the near concussion mishap for Payton. Too much time at the emergency room of a local hospital. Breathing and doing my corpse pose, my mind wandered.


Had I done the right thing signing her up for high school nearby? Will she miss her friends too much? Will her older sister resent having her younger sister at the same school? Then too many clients owe me money right now. Why has my one client taken so long to return my emails? What’s for dinner?

All. The. Things. All of it runs through my head when I am doing the relaxation period after a lengthy yoga lesson or a centergy or pilates class. So much harder to quiet your brain sometimes than it is to still your body.

There are a lot of weighty issues and questions often on my mind and even savasana is not safe sadly. Halfway through my relaxation time I began to wonder what if my life had a Yoast SEO (search engine optimization) Plugin? A Plugin, is an add on that you install on a web site in WordPress. In this case, Yoast SEO Plugin is a tool that writers, influencers and developers all use to tell them STOP, or Go, or Yield right there and fix something.


Yoast SEO Plugin is probably the tool I use the most on WordPress. It is sometimes infuriating and other times a thing of beauty. When you write content on WordPress and you have Yoast SEO Plugin it tracks what you are writing for tone and length of sentences and repetitive word choice, and sentence structure and elements that elevate your post in search engines. It sits like a little stoplight icon and informs you if you have hit green and have the ideal elements all combined to make the post stand out when people search for content.

So green is the goal for SEO and green is also the goal for readability.  See the metaphor for life yet?

Most content writers with a WordPress web site use Yoast SEO Plugin. It’s reliable and simple, user friendly too. Green means you hit all the goals and can hit publish. Your post is an A. Orange is hold up you missed something and should fix it. So maybe a B. Red is DO NOT PASS GO. #fail

Anyways, this week I started thinking I wish I had Yoast SEO Plugin for my life as a Mom. Wouldn’t that be great?

9 Reasons Why My Life Needs a Yoast SEO Plugin

  1. Big parenting decisions – Parenting comes with no manual, but if it had a Yoast SEO Plugin then it could say – Ding Ding Green – go ahead, you chose well. That high school will be a great fit for your daughter. Hit publish. (How awesome would that be?) The reassurance that a right choice had been made would be heavenly.
  2. What’s for dinner? – Don’t underestimate what a pain in the neck dinner is every single night of the week. Imagine if you could plugin – roast beef and new potatoes, or beef chilli into the Focus Keyword window of the plugin and it told you Yes or Big Red Dot, NO, not tonight my friend. This decisiveness would make me happy.
  3. Eliminate Redundancy – The older I get the more forgetful I am and I suspect most of us are the same. Imagine that you type Health Benefits of Vitamin D for topic matter (keywords) of a post and spend a couple of hours writing that post then realize you actually wrote something very similar about 7 years ago. Even writers run out of topics, so apply that to your life. You Have Already Used this Keyword Twice Before would mean I actually probably already did that. Or you already wrote that memo, or already bought peanut butter and stashed a giant jar of it in the cupboard. No Deja Vu Repetitive Purchases would save me money and time.
  4. Hard choices – YOAST SEO Plugin for things like this – it’s time to change medications for one of the children. Which one will work? I mean I suppose I wish it worked like a Magic 8 Ball for life in general but for big medical and health issues it could be useful. YOAST – Focus keywords Biphentin? Focus Keywords Strattera? Concerta? Keep going until it registers Green on all counts.
  5. Health issuesKeto Diet? Gluten Free? Lactose free? Plant based diet? RED or Green? Do we all need Keto? Plant based whole foods? I feel like Yoast SEO plugin could help me determine that.
  6. Medical Issues – Take her to the hospital for concern regarding concussion or drop by the drop in clinic or don’t sweat it she’s good. In my perfect world this YOAST SEO Plugin for my life would clearly tell me with 100 % accuracy which route to proceed on. I mean no use spending 5 hours of a Saturday at the emergency room if it’s totally nothing at all.
  7. To Guide Your Tone For Life – I mean literally you can type any cluster of words together into the page and run it through Yoast SEO Plugin and it will tell you too active or too passive. Think about that. My pitch to Brand X NOPE too many passive sentences. Try Again. That could be gold and that leads me to this….
  8. Imagine YOAST SEO Plugin for email. OH MY GOSH think about it. How many times does it take you half an hour, or even an hour to agonize over hitting send on an email. Will this be perceived as entitled, too pushy, too demanding, aggressive, passive? In fact I agonize over that often when sending emails because it’s hard to know how the person on the receiving end will interpret the message. I could have used a YOAST SEO Plugin for my email last night actually.
  9. Most importantly – So I can actually shut my brain off during relaxation time at Yoga, or Centergy or Pilates.

But if I had a Tool to Help me Choose…

I told a friend of mine my theory that life needs a Yoast SEO Plugin and she said – “that would be scary.” But I am game. I’d like the extra reassurance, mostly in parenting, that I’d made the right choices. There’s nothing better in digital publishing than that moment when you write an entire list and all the indicators come up green. A + work. Hit publish. I’d love that for life.

What do you think?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.