Take the 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge Now!

Time for a mindfulness challenge! No better time than the present. At least, that’s my current philosophy.

So, some of you probably know that mindfulness here is an ongoing battle. Or, should I say has been an ongoing issue. Ironically, or curiously, I think that I have actually achieved more mindfulness during the pandemic than ever before.

My Previous Experience

One year I made mindfulness my word of the year and it was the worst word of the year experience that I had ever had. That’s right. I have successfully chosen a word of the year for many years but could not make that one work. My mind wandered too much to remain mindful.

Did it Take a Lockdown?

Maybe, it took a lockdown and a pandemic to make mindfulness possible for me. Whatever the cause, I am now better at recognizing the moments and being present here, for the most part. This past 11 months have often been about maintaining good mental health, because we have been assaulted daily with remote learning and the stress of trying to figure out how to pay the bills and maintain a business while also supporting two teens with mental health challenges and anxiety disorder.

Mindfulness for me is about self care and maintaining good mental and physical health routines. Because I am loving challenges this year, I am sharing this 30-day mindfulness challenge. Join me this month, Heart Health Awareness Month to take charge of your mental and physical health.

This year I promise to take a few moments every day to stop, inhale, pause and change my thinking so that I am mindful. I’ll change my inner dialogue daily. I’ve already started. I stopped and practiced mindfulness. Last year I succeeded in adding gratitude to my daily, well sometimes weekly practice and routine. When I wake up, I set intentions and I strive to show gratitude in some way. Oddly, a trip to The Hive in Durham in February 2020 helped me to solidify that as part of my day.

Quite simply, I now tell myself: I am here right now, alive. My family loves and supports me. I have a wonderful husband and I love what I do. And, when it comes to gratitude I wake up and remind myself another day is a gift, and the smallest of things that we take for granted are worth celebrating.

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