What’s On Your Christmas Bucket List + Printable

What’s on Your Christmas Bucket List this year? Oh, believe me I know the holidays will be very different this season. The pandemic numbers are currently worrisome but the holidays are still right around the corner, not much more than a month away now.

Hard to believe it has been 9-10 months of this lockdown, social distancing and quarantine kind of life. I completely understand it as it was necessary but at the same time I am crazy tired of it and worried about Christmas.

But, even so, I am still determined to put a positive spin on it. So, I am working on my very own Christmas bucket list right now and hoping that some of you take heart and either borrow mine or make your own variation.

Quick and Fun Christmas Bucket List

Don’t mock me but I am all in on Hallmark Christmas movies right now. They bring me joy. This weekend we were watching Hallmark’s Christmas specials and there was an adorable new one there called the Christmas Bucket List, I think. Anyways, that reminded me that I should share something cute here for you all to do also.

A Christmas Bucket List doesn’t need to be fancy. It just needs to be something everyone can do together with social distancing in mind as this is likely to persist throughout the holidays.

Modify A Couple of Ideas…

Here’s to finding a bit of Christmas spirit, for your family and even for you. Consider it self care. Modify a few of these to be virtual. For instance, ugly sweater party can be your virtual support group night or your friends gathering one night this year. Add a little fun to your routine Zoom and make it an Ugly Sweater Zoom night.

I am hoping to do a sleigh ride but I will be looking to see when and where and how those are being offered this year. Obviously, we will be close to home and this feels possible even in town as long as people pick times and register and wear masks. Right?

How to Download

Merry Christmas to You!

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