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Five Fast Wake Up Ideas for Tweens #YOP #BTS and a Coupon

They sure are sweet when they are sleeping. But try to get them to wake up and watch the fun! I am taking tweens and teens of course. And they rarely jump for joy when the alarm goes off. But here are a few ways I help wake up my tween and teen.
Oh, we all joke that when they are sleeping they are angels, right?
But, wake up time? Well, that’s a whole other ball game. My youngest daughter has always been the kind that springs out of bed bouncing with so much energy I wish I could market that. But my oldest girl, well let’s just say that right from the start I used to tell every other Mom I knew: “She’s a great sleeper, but she likes to wake up on her own time.”
Literally from the time Payton was six months old she wanted to wake up in a leisurely fashion. She did things on her own time. That was mostly well and good until school started regularly and then there was a wee bit of prodding to get out the door.
Now that my munchkin is 12 and on the verge of the teenage years (Yikes!) I cannot begin to imagine how much worse this may get. Especially because she’s been acting like a teen for months now.
Case in point: This past year I raided the backpack to get my mascara back.  Located about 3 tubes.
This morning before day camp I caught her with tons of something on her face and had to request she wash it off.
Door slamming. Seriously. I wrote a post about it once.
And there’s the kooky random explosions. (WTH?)
Followed by the kooky random out of the blue hugs. (I’ll take it.)
Oh, hormones I thought you were bad enough the first time I went through puberty. So much more fun now that I am just along for the ride as baby girl asserts her independence.
Anyways, there are a few tricks I have for getting my almost teenage kid out of bed in a hurry. Or at least out of bed, period.
Five Fast Wake Up Ideas for Tweens Going Back to School:
1. I sing. (Mostly badly) But it often works. I used to sing her a random little made up song when she was a baby. Now I sing the same random wake up song to her on days when she is dragging. She still enjoys this mostly, and when she doesn’t, then it’s funny and it makes her sit up and move so I will stop singing off key.
2. Trick Them: Screaming the house is on fire is not recommended, but a tiny bit of clever trickery is A – OK. For instance, I turn the temperature down overnight to get the kids moving faster in the morning. (Also we don’t need heat blasting in the Fall and winter overnight. That’s wasteful.) Also related: You may, or may not, contemplate setting the clocks ahead 15 minutes so people make it to school on time. 
3. Related to number 2. Open a window in the room early. The noises from outside will eventually help them acclimatize and realize they need to get out of bed. A blast of cold air will help wake anyone up.
4. Make a smoothie, loudly with blender on. You could use Yop. (When I was a teenager this looked like my Mom vacuuming beside my bed to wake me up. I hated that, but it worked.) My darling husband’s version of this is loudly removing dishes from dishwasher and putting them away. At 6 a.m. I don’t appreciate that he is helping with housework.
5. Promise them Yop. Yop is a fantastic little yogurt drink my kids have always loved for breakfast, lunch or snack. My girls are crazy about them. Made by Yoplait, Yop comes in several yummy flavours. Look for an orange flavour soon. My kids love the strawberry banana flavour. My girls often take these in their lunches, they like them so much, and usually they come back and say:  Carissa asked what it was so I told them Yop, yogurt in a bottle. My kids share their love of brands at school.
Did you know Yop was the first ever drinkable yogurt in Canada? Did you know Yop contains a powerful bunch of vitamins and minerals including calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B 12, B 2 and magnesium. It’s an easy choice for Moms with teens on the go also. Out of bed late? Don’t skip breakfast! Take the portable Yop drink with you. Yop is a good source of energy for any age. Yop puts a spring in your step.
Starting today, you can visit the Life Made Delicious Facebook Page on August 7th for a free coupon (while supplies last) 
“Disclosure – I am participating in the Help YOP Help You Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


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