Cheery June Coloring Page Printable

So far this year I have been sharing a coloring page printable each month. BUT, I almost forgot June entirely. That’s right so here I am making up for it late with my June Coloring Page printable just for you.

OH my goodness how did this month get away from me? Well, that’s a rhetorical one I guess. I know fully how this crazy month of June sped fast. It’s a wicked month when your kids are in school, isn’t it? Those last few weeks are a mad rush of assignments, tests, exams and field trips. Not to mention all of the extracurriculars that are wrapping up too.

So hello and good bye June. It’s summer time and I am ready, I think. I mean there’s always that question of do I have enough planned for the kids? Hoping that I am good that way. These girls are young adults now after all and they need a lot less scheduled time. One will be off to her job five days a week at camp locally. The other will be busily doing camps and swimming here too.

Don’t forget to get your vehicle road trip ready now too.

So here’s to June. Are you ready? Perhaps this June coloring page printable will help you find a moment of calm before the summer storm so to speak.

Here’s a quick wrap up of a few of my summer posts this month that I don’t want anyone to miss out on. Check out Summer Fun Awaits for a gigantic list of things you need to be prepared for the summer months ahead.

Photo courtesy of STEM Camp.

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You definitely need to see this Beach and Pool Checklist

beach and pool checklist
beach and pool checklist

Are you planning any family trips this summer?

Then you need to remember to get your vehicle ready for the season. Safety first! And of course I have many many Road Trip printables for kids. And for you too kind of. If they aren’t happy and busy in the car or van then how are you supposed to drive anywhere? Right?

Print out my License plate BINGO game for the whole family.

Travel to Quebec in the Plans?

Heading to Quebec? Here are several of my Quebec posts to give you some ideas on what you need to see and where you need to go. Quebec City is a wonderful beautiful city to visit and there’s so much history there. You will wonder why you didn’t visit before now. Check out the history, architecture and Quebec City Food Tours too. If the spa is your style then you need to make an apportionment now to visit Spa Scandinave Tremblant.  And spend your birthday zip lining down Mont Tremblant with Ziptrek. 

More recently we did this – Tadoussac whale watching tour. LOVED IT SO MUCH! Yes I am still screaming because it was that amazing.

JUNE coloring page printable

Oh and back to that June Coloring Page Printable…You can click on the image as always and print it right out for your own use. OR, you can click on the PDF link below and use it that way. My preference is the PDF link because I always find it to be cleaner.

June Coloring Page

I have more free printables here for you on my Pinterest Free Printables board. Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to pop back in often for more printables, health tips, travel content and giveaways too!

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