STEM Camp – Summer Day Camps Building Curiosity

Imagine a camp where you build your own space suit, or monitor weather in space. A camp where your children explore the world around them, ask questions and create experiments. Building curiosity and engaging young people all summer long is the name of the game at STEM Camp.

I couldn’t be happier to share Stem Camp with you. STEM Camp is one of my favourite children’s STEM summer day camps. You already know STEM is the future and maybe you wonder how to nurture that interest. Maybe you worry your kids don’t get enough STEM in school. Well, STEM Camp is a great way to address that. These innovative hands-on summer day camps are fun and also help kids build curiosity, critical thinking skills and confidence. That all leads to better futures for our kids.


STEM Camp is on a Mission

Over the years, STEM Camp has made its mission to bring STEM to as many kids as possible. What started out as a single location is now a series of camps all across Ontario. They have grown by leaps and bounds since they started. This non-profit camp is proactive in its approach to making STEM accessible to as many kids as possible. Through the years, they have actively engaged in campaigns to help bring more girls to these summer day camps to nurture curiosity and build confidence. They’ve also partnered with the First Nations to bring STEM to those communities as well. All of this means more access to STEM for more boys AND girls in all communities, including those that are underserved.

Highly Qualified Instructors

If you are a parent you want to know about the instructors at summer day camps. Trusting your child to someone new can be a leap of faith. It doesn’t have to be. This inclusive summer day camp hires friendly and well-qualified instructors, many of whom are in college themselves. High quality instructors, great activities, an inclusive atmosphere and a great price! All things that matter to me when I choose a camp for my kids.

Having college students who are passionate about STEM as counsellors ensures that kids learn STEM concepts the right way. Maybe kids take these concepts with them to help at school. Knowledge gained here builds curious kids who become confident adults able to think critically. That’s one way to change the world.


Learning That’s Fun

STEM Camp summer day camps focus on building curiosity and wonder in a safe friendly environment. Hands-on projects and experiments help kids grasp STEM concepts in a real way. Each week of camp has a theme which incorporates all aspects of STEM in a way that keeps kids interested and engaged. Take Space Week as an example. During this themed week, kids will focus on different aspects of space.

  • Building a Space Suit – Over a three day period, kids construct their own space suit. This project helps with understanding Earth and space systems as well as structures and mechanism. The kids will also learn why astronauts need space suits, what components are required to build one, how to design the suit for spacewalks, and if weight plays a factor in suit construction.
  • Space Weather – Each day, campers monitor the weather in space and discuss how it differs from Earth’s weather. This helps them understand what space weather is, how the weather in space is possible, how it affects the Earth, what role the poles play in the weather, and what the magnetosphere is.


Don’t Miss Out on STEM Camp

STEM Camp is doing great work bringing STEM to boys and girls in a variety of communities across Ontario. Camps cost $210 to $285 weekly. There’s still time to book a session or two of these STEM summer day camps, although specific sessions are filling up fast. So enrol as soon as possible.

This hands-on STEM Camp experience prepares your kids for the future of work, and with 16,300 STEM Camp graduates since 2013, it’s going strong. Science, technology, engineering and math skills are vital to the future. Build on your kids sense of wonder and curiosity all summer long. Find a Stem Camp location near you. Oh and Stem Camp is now offering workshops for elementary schools as well.

If you are a last minute Sally like me sometimes don’t fret.

There’s still time to sign up, but some sessions are filling fast. Enrol now! Use the code: STEMtm10 to save when you sign your kids up for this incredibly fun and educational camp.

This post has been sponsored by Stem Camp. My opinion is truthful and it is all my own. 

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  • candy

    All our children are grown and our grandchildren aren’t ready to go to any kind of camp yet. This stem camp sound educational and fun for children. Would be worth checking out to see if in the area.

  • Melissa Chapman

    I think STEM learning not only helps a child in those subjects but gets them to think critically in all subjects. I wish there were camps like this here in New York for my son.

  • Terri Steffes

    My elementary school used to send students to Space Camp years ago… it looks like a STEM camp is equally fun. I love learning about what is out there for today’s kids.

  • Janet

    Those look like awesome ideas for kids to learn in a hands on approach. They will probably remember the experiences more than anything that they learn in the school year.

  • Jenn@Engineermommy

    It’s really important to keep kids intellectually stimulated during the couple of months that school is out. STEM camps are an awesome idea and really looks like it makes it fun for the kids.

  • Melanie

    My kids are not going to any summer camps. I hear of many, but it is hard to decide which ones to choose! This one sounds interesting for kids.

  • Roch

    Highly qualified instructors who have tons of patience are required in places like this. It isn’t always easy to handle kids especially those who are really young.

  • wendy

    I went to engineering school and math but always loved the science best. I think STEM camps are a great idea and would be an awesome expererience.

  • Heather

    How fun! I think camps like this are great as long as they are affordable. I couldn’t afford to put any of my kids in camp this year but I’m excited that they get to attend a STEAM school next year. Maybe that will make up for it.

  • Ricci

    I think STEM programs are so great for kids!! It really gets them out of their comfort zones and lets them try something new!!

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    When it is summer and time hangs heavily with kids. Summer camps that fuel children’s curiosity and keep them engaged with at the same time teaching them something new is required. STEM seems to have some amazing camps. Wish I could get into one that has building spacesuits as an activity!

  • sara

    Stem camp sounds like so much fun! My daughter has a few open weeks this summer and this would be so much fun.

  • Dana Peller

    I love how there are so many great opportunities out there for the kids these days. Our boys are getting ready to head to camp this summer and we’re excited about all the programs available.