Christmas Pre-Writing Activity Book for Kids

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas around here. Maybe not quite a lot like Christmas as the song traditionally goes. But a bit at the very least. Show is falling like mad today and hopefully soon ski season arrives. I know not all of you are winter snow fans, but I suspect many of you are looking forward to Christmas.


Christmas Pre-Writing Activity Book for Preschoolers

This Christmas check out all of the Christmas printables and activities that I have here. Don’t miss the Christmas tags below. One of the most popular posts here is my Christmas crossword. It’s an easy little crossword for kids.

How to Use This Activity Book

Over the holidays your kids might be looking for a few easy and affordable things to do. So, here’s one more for the very little ones who are working on their fine motor and hand-eye coordination. Tracing lines helps when it comes to printing and writing numbers and letters. So, in the spirit of offering the kids some small activities that might help you as well, I hope you like this Christmas Pre-Writing Activity Book for preschoolers (that said sometimes I hate to put ages on these because every child is different.)

Mine could have used this type of activity to practice writing and printing even in school. For many years, because of her unique learning disability she did occupational therapy. These kinds of activities helped her to learn to press less hard and control the pressure that she put on the page. Eventually, that helped. As a small school child she’d press so hard she ripped the paper and her hand would cramp. When printing and writing are such a huge piece of school and academics every little bit of support helps.

Easy Downloadable Activity Book

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