Five Things That Make Blogher Unique

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They tell me I am a veteran because this will be my third tour of Blogher.
I don’t really feel like a veteran, because the word makes me feel kind of old and I am definitely not that. (Cough) Anyways, as I head off to my third Blogher conference I wanted to share a few things I have learned about this epic conference experience. Each conference is precious and they all have their own merits and strengths. Type A was my first ever. Blissdom Canada is always inspiring and special. Mom 2.0 was a great experience for me this May and I will return to that one next year again as well. But Blogher is a whole other ball game. Here are a few reasons I think it’s special.
Five Things That Make Blogher Unique:
1. Papparazzi Factor: The Blogher conference experience is larger than life. Take pictures, seize the moment, stop and pinch yourself, and even think about when will I ever get to do this again? I mean, the celebrities and big name bloggers that we’ve all been reading for ten years, will be there. It’s hard to top that Wow Factor. Last year I heard Katie Couric and Queen Latifa. The year before that Martha Stewart and President Obama. That is some impressive conference organizing. Oh and wait – the organizers themselves are crazy talented journalists and business women. Hats off every year to the organizers. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of people hours put into this exceptional conference.
2. Pathfinder and Healthminder: I have done Pathfinder or Healthminder every year I have gone and I can tell you it is incredibly worthwhile. Healthminder solidified my community and my niche and helped me to focus my writing. I wrote about the realization that I was a health blogger back in 2012. That was incredibly useful. It helped me see the forest through the trees, and moving forward, that helped me generate a successful business and grow that business quickly and with purpose.
3. The sessions often fill fast: There is a stream for everyone and a tribe for everyone. I have found it helpful though to find the sessions you want to do and make sure that you are in the room early. I have been shut out some years when the doors closed and the room was full. Brilliant sessions on vlogging missed because I took too long to get there. Don’t be disappointed. Be on time.
4. SWAG: Swag is impressive and sometimes it’s hard not to turn into a green eyed monster when confronted with product. But find a way. Your reputation follows you in this business, even more than a lot of new bloggers realize. Don’t be an ass and grab eight boxes of (insert latest kid product here) because they are sitting there. Show some class. Remember to thank people you talk to. Thank the organizers and the brands when you bump into them. Remember your manners. Brands don’t want to work with you if you are rude. Other bloggers don’t want to send you the love either if you are too difficult.
5. The People: Everyone is at Blogher, because they are serious about writing or marketing or branding, or all of the above. It’s impossible to leave without making new friends. Speak up, introduce yourself to someone new. Take a risk. It is also impossible to leave Voices of the Year and not be inspired to write more, take chances, risk something, be funnier, and leave your heart on your blog. If you are open to being there with heart and mind ready to learn, you will grow. That’s what Blogher is best at, helping you grow.

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