Owl I Want For Christmas – Cute Owl Colouring Page

Owl I want for Christmas is you! I know. I know. Silly and kind of cutesy, right? This cute owl colouring page will capture everyone’s hearts.


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Owl I Want is…

Well, every single time I hear that Mariah Carey song all I can think about is the choreographed dance that came with it way back when my kids were in a Christmas play at Original Kids.

These days we are not as involved in the theatre scene. I mean we are all still mostly easing back into life as we once knew it, sort of. So, that’s why I am still providing these free printable colouring pages and cute activities. Everyone can use a bit of a break still and free resources help parents. So, I will keep offering them.

This Christmas, I thought you might enjoy this sweet owl colouring page printable for free.

Who Doesn’t Love Owls?

I mean owls are the epitome of wisdom and this owl colouring page is so cute. His huge eyes make me want to stop what I am doing and colour this just for fun. Owls remind me of the Harry Potter series of movies and Hedwig, the most famous of all the owls in literature.

Other Free Printables

What You Need

Check out these Crayola pencil crayons to use when doing any of my colouring activities. They are our favourites.

Owl Printables and Activities

Believe it or not, I have a couple of other owl themed colouring pages and printable activities. Here’s my other Owls Printable Colouring Page and my Christmas wish list that has a similar theme.

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