Puerto Rico’s Family-Approved Destinations For Under $200

Guest post by Andrea Barnhill of Weekend Wander Club

It’s a perfect dream to spend bright and lazy summer days just lying in hammocks under palm trees or walking barefoot in the sand while the water splashes softly against your skin. Not too far away, you can hear children’s squeals of delight, giving you peace of mind that they’re safe and enjoying nature at its best.

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Puerto Rico’s Family-Approved Destinations at Under $200

You can have all these experiences and more in Puerto Rico, the largest territory in the Caribbean Sea that’s still part of the US. For US citizens, it’s an easy destination and a two-hour flight from Miami. Citizens from different parts of the world only need to apply for a visa. Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport services hundreds of inbound and outbound flights every day.

You can also take a leisurely route with cruises to Puerto Rico if you’re not particularly pressed for time. With Puerto Rico’s large main island and smaller islands scattered around it, there’s no shortage of activities, should you tire of the beach. Plus, so many of San Juan Puerto Rico’s family friendly destinations and nearby attractions are easy on the wallet.


San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico is where most tourists first set foot. The San Juan Bay is a famous spot for setting sail. If you’re not an experienced sailor yourself, you can use any of the numerous sailboat tours San Juan offers. Different packages, vary from hour-long cruises to half-day snorkelling adventures.

Children will definitely love playing I Spy because of the variety of marine life they can spot through the clear waters. In the afternoon, take a walk along historical sites such as the Fort Cristobal and the Ruins of Caparra until it‘s time to hunt for a restaurant with good food and music.

El Morro

In another district of San Juan is an older part of the city where stone buildings and colonial architecture are preserved. Old San Juan is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site called El Morro. The name of the stone fortress refers to the high mass of land rising above water, which it was built on.

El Yunque National Forest

A breathtaking forest in the Caribbean, El Yunque offers more than just hiking. Explore the wildlife in the lush forest and spot various animals. Children of all ages will enjoy this activity. Stop and rest along flowing rivers, or head to the nearest waterfall, and dip your toes in the cool and refreshing water. Near El Yunque Rainforest are two famous Puerto Rican spots, the Luquillo Beach and the Bioluminescent Bay. 

Camuy River Cave Park

This is another trip you can take with your family. Everyone will reminisce about this educational and fun experience. Stand under stalactites and stare at the mouths of sinkholes. Several tours offer complete trips to Puerto Rico’s subterranean caves, with some side trips to the Arecibo Observatory.

The cave park is situated along a 268-acre complex with facilities such as walking trails, pavilions, a playground, restrooms, and a cafeteria. In the summer, consider lightweight camping, which is permitted and encouraged in the park grounds. 

Exotic and Family Friendly Destinations

Puerto Rico is a destination that is very family friendly and affordable too. Have you ever been? Do you have any of your own recommendations for affordable and family-approved destinations that are must sees?

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