Nine of the Best Reasons To Love Fall Camping in Ontario

The golden leaves lit by sleepy sunrises, the rhythm of an afternoon canoe ride, followed by a brisk evening walk through lush wide open forests, and plumes of smoke swirling together as you watch the crackling campfire. Relieved of their crowds after Labour Day, a fall RV Camping experience in Ontario’s Provincial Parks will help you slow down and listen, romanced by Fall camping in Ontario.

As a summer lover, I’ve never considered fall in Ontario an ideal time to travel, camp, or explore. With its long sprawling sun drenched days full of swimming, fishing, hiking and cottages, summer naturally lends itself to camping trips and travel. These days I love winter with an intensity that I never thought possible, all stemming from that frosty March day when we first squeezed our sock feet into ski boots.


So where does that leave Autumn?

Autumn has always felt like shoulder season to me. It’s closing the pool, raking endless piles of leaves, planting fall bulbs, and waiting for snow and ski hills to open. Nothing on earth could make me love autumn, or so I thought.

This fall we partnered with Ontario Parks for their 125th Anniversary and took an RV on a predetermined route through Ontario’s Provincial Parks and I finally understood why people gush about fall camping and Autumn in Ontario.


Nine Reasons to Love Fall Camping:


Campsites are calm and peaceful throughout the autumn months. Summer crowds have returned to workplaces and schools and there’s room to explore craggy rocks, waterways and windswept beaches that define Ontario’s Parks. Fall camping can be perfect if you are looking for a quiet break alone or with a loved one.

Fall foliage

The trees of course are changing and their leaves begin to turn burnished reds and oranges, copper tones and bright yellows too before they fall to the ground. It is a stunning sight and this province is naturally gifted with a wide variety of maples, pines, birches, elms and more. The towering trees will make you feel very small. It’s humbling. Check out the Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report to make the most of your leaf watching time.

Ainsley at Killarney, our second provincial park visited during this trip.

Salmon spawning

A naturally occurring phenomenon that is absurd to witness and also incredibly cool. We all feel like we are occasionally swimming upstream against the current, but salmon literally perform this Herculean task every year. It’s crazy and memorable to witness. I could have stood at Chutes Provincial Park and Sauble Falls Provincial Park for hours watching each one try.

Fall Fishing

Cooler temperatures sometimes mean fish are on the move and there are many fishing derbies happening.


Did you know that after the autumn equinox the stars begin to be a bit harder to see? If you time it just right the constellations are brilliant in late summer and very early fall. The Autumn Equinox is a great time for that. As it gets closer to winter though it’s not ideal, so plan a trip now.

The Weather

It might be a bit unpredictable, especially the further north you head in Ontario, but the scorching hot summer nights have blown past and they are replaced with cooler evenings and more manageable days too. Consider taking this Montem Sneaky Snuggler camping blanket with you for extra warmth. The fall weather can be ideal for hiking, kayaking and canoeing too.



Now that prime season is behind you the rates tend to get lower so sometimes that means more bang for your buck. So save a few dollars and enjoy fall camping.


There are fewer bugs flying around in the fall months. They start to wind down in mid September. In May you get black flies when camping in some places and wasps are ecstatic to see you in August. But September, October and even maybe November some places the bugs are less annoying. Listen I know they have a job but if I can avoid getting bitten or stung I’d rather do that.


Your pick of campsites

OH seriously this was pretty awesome actually. We had a stunning lake view at Grundy Lake Provincial Park and Killarney was a quiet little nook and then we got to Chutes on a Sunday and the warden said “Go look around and choose one of these” and then she handed us a list of her favourites. We picked a large clean campsite that had electrical access and it was close to trails so we were able to find our way over to explore easily and the towering pines trees that surrounded us on three sides were humbling and made creaky curious sound effects I can still hear when I close my eyes.


Fall Camping Can Be Brilliant

Camping is a means of travel that can be very affordable and a wonderful way to get outdoors. It’s also a fun way to build family memories that last. Don’t discard Fall camping, especially in Ontario’s incredible northern parks. The reward at the end of your drive is so worthwhile that this season might just win you over too.

We were guests of Ontario’s Parks this season and we received compensation to share our experience here. My opinion is all my own. We can’t wait to return.

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