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GI Upset – Buscopan Calms Cramps #Giveaway ARV $170

GI upset is something I’ve had trouble with for almost as long as I can recall. Most of my readers know by now that I suffer from terrible stomach cramps if I’m not extra careful about what I eat. Although I’ve learned to live with it and I have a huge toolkit of strategies to help after 30 years, GI upset can still be a huge drain on energy and it can turn a good day upside down. While everyone else in the family can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, I have to worry about what goes into my tummy and the resulting GI upset it could cause. Buscopan can help with occasional stomach cramps, and that’s a lifesaver.




What Causes Stomach Cramping

Stomach cramping is a complicated thing. For instance, we all know that lots of grease and fatty food can cause GI upset, especially in people who are prone to stomach cramping. We also know that lactose intolerant people who eat dairy will pay for that with stomach pain. BUT… Did you know that healthy foods can actually cause stomach issues as well? It’s true. Lost of fructose (found in fruits) and veggies like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage can all cause GI upset! Sadly broccoli is one food I cannot handle, despite the fact that I love the vegetable.

Many people suffer through the pain of trial and error as we try to figure out what’s causing our stomach cramping. Is it the old standbys – grease, fat, spicy food, alcohol, or too much coffee? Or is it actually something we’ve included in our diets to help make us healthier?

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Treating the Stomach Cramping

So whether you eat horribly or super healthy, you may be at risk of GI upset. It’s a bummer, but it’s true. A good way to help with stomach cramping – after eliminating some of the dietary triggers – is to combat it with Buscopan. Buscopan helps with stomach cramping of and it’s incredibly valuable to many who struggle with GI upset.

Buscopan is designed to help relax the smooth muscle spasms in the stomach which cause cramping. So even when you do your best to avoid stomach cramping, Buscopan can help you out of a painful spasm-y bind by relaxing tight, cramping muscles in your entire GI tract to help ease stomach cramping and GI upset.

If you have stomach cramping or GI upset issues like I do, I encourage you to pick up Buscopan, available from your pharmacist without a prescription.

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