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Book a Cruise While Onboard – An Advantageous Approach

Have you ever wondered whether you should book a cruise while onboard your current cruise? Me too. We’ve done several cruises and I am always amazed by the number of people lining up to book again before leaving the ship. So I thought I would investigate. Does it help you save money? If you’re a frequent cruiser, chances are you’re already planning another cruise anyway. So why not use one of the lesser known tricks of the cruising trade and book a cruise while on your current cruise?

Saving money, better selection and rewards – those are a few reasons to book your cruise before you disembark. It’s a great way to make the most of your money.

book a cruise

Book a Cruise While Onboard – A Saving Secret

It’s amazing how few people actually know about the opportunity to save money booking a cruise in this way. Most of us know we can book a cruise while onboard the ship, but many people don’t realize how truly advantageous that can be. So let’s take a look at how booking a cruise while you’re on your current cruise can help you save some money.

Save Money on Your Current Cruise

One way you can save money when you book a cruise while onboard your current cruise is through a discount on your current cruise. Oftentimes, you can get money taken off of the bill on your current cruise when you book a future cruise while onboard. It’s an excellent way to get a little back while you plan that next amazing trip.

Future Savings

Another great reason to book a cruise while you sail on your current cruise is to get credit towards that future trip. When you book while onboard, you may be offered onboard credit for your next cruise. It’s essentially free money to use while onbaoard the ship.

Travel Date Flexibility

Aside from saving money, you can save headaches when booking a cruise in this manner. When you book while onboard, you’ll be offered a time frame for using the deposit you put down on the future cruise. It will usually be anywhere from one to two years. You actually get more flexibility when you book on the ship than you do when you book at a later time.

Lower Deposit

Speaking of deposits mentioned in the flexibility section, when you book your future cruise while onboard, you will generally be able to place a lower deposit on that future cruise, which means you save a little money automatically.

Discounts or Upgrades

Rather than shopping around the internet for that next great deal, just do it on the ship! When you book a cruise while onboard, you can often take advantage of discounts or room upgrades that are offered on upcoming cruises. It saves time, and sometimes, you’ll get the discount or upgrade BECAUSE you booked while onboard.


Book a Cruise While Onboard to Save, Upgrade, and More

Since we have done a few family cruises I am now aware of the special perks associated with loyalty programs for each cruise line. Those are important too and I use them when able. But from now on I think it makes sense to take advantage of the perks you can score when you book a cruise before disembarking.

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  • Gingermommy

    Very interesting! I am always looking to save money. But I have yet to go on a cruise. Some day I hope> I would love to go to Alaska or maybe somewhere hot 🙂

  • Laura

    I had no idea you could book a cruise while on a cruise, but it makes sense. We’ve been dreaming of an Alaska cruise for a couple years now, we might just have to book one soon.

  • Monica

    This is an excellent tip to actually book your next cruise before disembarking. Not only does it save the time and energy you spend figuring it out yourself…I had no idea there were so many advantages to booking while still onboard!