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Five Facts About the World Vision Gift Catalogue 2014 #WorldVisionGifts


Colombian School Children
On our first day in Bucaramanga, Colombia, we visited a school at top of a hill in an area where World Vision Canada had an ADP. (area development program). These beautiful children asked us questions.

By now you know that gifts from the World Vision gift catalogue 2014 matter. They matter to children like these girls who are able to attend school in Colombia thanks to sponsorship and often thanks to donations from the gift catalogue.


They matter to the boys in this picture playing soccer and building a healthy outlook for life in an area where drugs, gangs and poverty are very real threats to children. They matter to children you might never meet all over the world in so many countries that need help. Tonight on twitter, we are talking about the impact of giving with heart from the World Vision gift catalogue, but it occurred to me about an hour ago that there are still so very many things I still want you to know about the World Vision gift catalogue.

Here are five of those things.

Five Facts About the World Vision Gift Catalogue 2014

1. The World Vision gift catalogue has been published for 12 years now. (That’s the longest running charitable gift catalogue of this nature.)

2. There are about 70 items in the gift catalogue this year. (livestock to jewelry)

3. All of the gifts give back to a community. Last year 174,000 people benefitted from the money raised through the World Vision gift catalogue.

4. The gift catalogue helps people in over 50 countries.

5. Many of the gifts are made by people within the communities themselves. Some are handmade artisan items such as the necklace fashioned from recycled materials and shaped onto elegant beads. There is also a silk scarf that is fair trade. Each purchase comes with a card you can send with the gift.

The World Vision gift catalogue 2014 helps build hope, dignity and livelihood for children and families. I mentioned this before and I will continue to mention it. I thought I would travel to Colombia and see that a gift from the catalogue gave hope to one child, or one family. Then I saw the women in Morales Duque changing the world for other Colombian woman. I saw schools where all of the children now had books. I saw a field of dreams being built by high school students as part of their education. I was astonished and challenged to tell these amazing stories of courage and resiliency.




World Vision Canada gift catalogue
World Vision Canada gift catalogue
The handcrafted necklace in this years World Vision Gift Catalogue 2014


I believe we can change the world together.
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