BlissdomCA and Friends #WordlessWednesday

new blissdom ca fantapper 009

Wordless Wednesday is a photography meme I often take part in here at thriftymommastips.com. Sometimes we link up various photos and connect with various other sites and hop around leaving comments on each other’s sites.

Today I want to say a word or two about friends. This picture is us – Margarita Ibbott and Paula Schuck at Blissdom Canada recently. Together, we are linked moms. Separately, we have our own blogs and handles and know a thing or two about social media. Margarita has a fabulous new design on her blog Downshifting: Your Home, Your Family, Your Life. You can find her also at http://www.twitter.com/downshiftingPRO. I am of course, @inkscrblr and https://www.thriftymommastips.com/ is my blog.

Margarita is one of my dearest friends. Friends accept people as they are and enable them to grow and flourish. They build each other up even when others may try to chip away at you. They sometimes love your kids almost as much as you do. They strive to challenge you and keep you honest and make you laugh and step up when you need them to. Friends come and go and occasionally they fall away and re-enter your life. They are people we gravitate to and want to be around – often because they encourage you to shine and support you in the process.

What a joy to attend Blissdom Canada this year with my good friends Margarita, Annie, Cynthia and Wanda. Follow them. They are smart and lovely and each one brings something positive to my life.





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