Exciting Interactive Play with Hexbugs Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp

Interactive play is something I encourage with every child in my life. I’m a big fan of toys that foster creativity, and it’s important to me that I do my best to ensure that the kids in my family get those as gifts from me. Toys that allow kids to be creative encourage brain development and allow them to build their own fun, and that’s key to a young mind. Some of my favourite toys to gift are Hexbugs. Hexbug toys make great gifts for the kids in my extended family for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. These days, they’re loving the Hexbugs Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp.


Interactive Play that Incorporates Technology

Hexbugs Nitro Circus is a line of toys from Hexbugs that incorporates both physical play and their Nitro Circus app which allows the kids to experience the action in an entirely new way. With the Hexbugs Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp, kids can recreate their favorite stunts from Nitro Circus as well as create their own stunts. Using the Nitro Circus app, the kids can change what they “see” by firing up the app and adding in special effects like obstacles, background items, and more to fully customize their play experience.


I especially love the app portion of this because it encourages the kids to be creative and allows them to use today’s technology to both have fun and to express their own bread of creativity. It’s one of the best ideas in interactive play I’ve seen to date. The best part is that the Nitro Circus app can be used across the entire line of Nitro Circus toys, not just the Giganta Ramp. Which means every gift can be a new addition to the kids’ Nitro Circus lineup, adding even more creativity to their play.

About the Hexbugs Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp

Hexbugs Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp is exactly what it sounds like – a gigantic ramp. The kids put together this ramp and send their stuntmen down it, riding in “vehicles” like a bathtub, toilet, and shopping cart. Fun characters with funny names like Hairy Jerry, Moto Maddy, and Boo Boo Giggles add another layer of fun to the mix with their unique looks and funny names. The best part of this toy is that kids of all ages love it, from 8 year olds (minimum recommended age) to tweens and teens like my girls. It’s just plain fun!

Interactive Play the Kids will be Excited About with Hexbugs

If you want to encourage interactive play in the kids in your life, give Hexbugs Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp and the complete line of Nitro Circus toys a look. Every child I’ve ever given these to loved them, and the Nitro Circus app adds even more creativity and fun to the play. You can’t go wrong with these!

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