7 Most Beautiful Things To See In Wyoming

The world just seems a little bit bigger in Wyoming somehow. Maybe because the topaz skies are some of the bluest you’ll ever see, the wide open spaces stretch out for miles and the combined effect makes the plains seem endless.

So What’s There to See in a Place like This?

I’ve been fortunate to be able to visit Wyoming twice in the last two years on media trips and have seen so much more of the equality state than I ever expected to. I was a guest of Visit Wyoming and also Austin Adventures two separate times.

Wyoming’s vast open spaces, wildlife and slower pace are infectious and will leave you wanting more. This state is the place to get away from the world, ditch the crowds and take in the immensity of the western heartland. This large state boasts more space than people so it’s a perfect spot to retreat to when you need a break, or when you need to connect with the outdoors in a meaningful way. In fact, with a mere 500,000 people the antelope here outnumber the humans! That’s refreshing.

That’s Wy!

From historic trails to the largest temperate eco-zone in the world to unparalleled national parks and diverse wildlife, Wyoming has an undeniable appeal. Outdoor activity, hiking trails, ski hills and national parks in Wyoming are abundant and huge draws for tourists.

Wyoming historically was the gateway to the west. When the first settlers crossed the country searching out their stake in the American Dream, they often passed through Wyoming. From here – Idaho, Oregon and California were all accessible final destinations.


Here are the 7 most beautiful things to see in Wyoming. 

Yellowstone National Park

One of the most remarkable wilderness areas in the world, with enormous herds of wild bison that wander freely in the valleys to grizzly bears, bald eagles and moose, Yellowstone was the first National Park. Yellowstone is a geothermal paradise with whistling geysers, steamy hot springs, and bubbly mud pots that shape the astonishing landscape and it is one of the most beautiful things to see in Wyoming, if not the entire country.

Don’t Miss Old Faithful, of course, Biscuit Basin, the Lamar Valley and also Mammoth Hot Springs and Terraces. Yellowstone is actually an active volcano!

Read more about my Yellowstone trip with Austin Adventures

Geothermal features throughout Yellowstone National Park are spectacular to observe, especially for the first time. Mammoth Hot Springs is made up of thousands of years old travertine platforms and ash cones, as well as steamy boardwalks. This section of the park is brilliant on its own, but when you also factor in all the surrounding elements such as Grand Prismatic and Old Faithful it’s simply one of the most powerful places in the US. Watch out for the elk all over the small village by Mammoth.

Waterfalls surge down sharp canyons and shimmering, pristine alpine lakes stretch for miles. The park has an immense network of trails, a wonderful way to admire the state’s various ecosystems.

For the first time ever recently I visited Yellowstone National Park and it knocked my socks off. Bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, you could simply explore for days on end and we did actually. There’s no question in my mind that it tops any list of the most beautiful things to see in Wyoming.

Grand Prismatic

Couldn’t believe my luck when I ended up seeing this up close and also from afar this past year. Grand Prismatic is simply a Wyoming landmark you cannot miss. It is inside Yellowstone and it is simply ethereal. Time it so that you are either in the shoulder season or visiting mid-week because this is one of the most popular features in the park.

grand prismatic

It is a geo thermal feature and when the light hits it just right, you can see many colours of the rainbow where it touches the ground.

Hot Springs State Park

Mammoth Terraces and Hot Springs in Yellowstone not to be confused with Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis is built around the world’s biggest single mineral hot spring, Big Spring, and it is the ideal spot for a soothing soak. It is a day use park open to the public. Steaming mineral water flushes through Big Spring and funnels into the boathouses. Trekkers can immerse themselves in the relaxing waters inside or outside. Spot wild bison in the pastures, meander through the epic hiking trails, see the awe-inspiring petroglyphs, and enjoy the kaleidoscopic summer wildflowers.  

Grand Teton National Park

Topped by the jagged crests of the majestic Teton Mountains, Grand Teton National Park is a Wyoming treasure. With more than 300 varieties of birds, an abundant array of freshwater fish, and over 50 kinds of mammals, the park is a wildlife lover’s wonderland. The ultimate way to journey through the majestic landscape is through one of the various hiking trails.

Devil’s Tower National Monument

Devils Tower National Monument is a geological treasure. Rising over 1,200 feet above the eastern plains, the geology of the flat-topped volcanic phenomenon is awe-inspiring. Guests can trek along 8 miles of legendary nature trails and learn about the history and culture of the area. There are even more extraordinary photo ops during the spring and summer with the vast wildflowers. So whether you are going rock climbing or meandering through the forests and meadows or if you’re an angler fishing for that black bullhead, Devils Tower National Monument is a nature lovers dream.

I highly recommend getting this Wyoming and Yellowstone guidebook before you visit Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming 

Hidden in an outstretched valley at the base of the majestic Teton Mountain range, Jackson is the heart of the Wild West. This town is brimming with charm from the rustic wooden buildings to the elk horn framed town square, and the picturesque shops to the eccentric galleries. Make sure you put this gem on your travel itinerary! 

Of course, don’t forget this is a destination for skiers.

Schwabacher’s Landing

Schwabacher’s Landing provides splendid views that are as stunning as they are important to understanding the splendor of the state. With a calm, serene lake that mirrors the jaw-dropping mountain ranges in the distance, this ground is a celebrated photo spot, notably within sunset. If you’re searching for marvelous photography in  Wyoming, then search no further than this tranquil gem.  

Visit For The Beautiful Things to See in Wyoming

I hope this list of 7 most beautiful things to see in Wyoming inspires you to go out and explore this impressive state. The state is one of my favourites because it is so naturally gifted with incredible vistas and geography. Trust me when I say nobody should miss seeing Yellowstone.

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