Praying Mantis Life Cycle Games Activity Booklet

What do you know about the praying mantis or the praying mantis life cycle? It is at once one of the creepiest and also one of the coolest bugs going. That’s why I thought it would be fun to share this praying mantis life cycle games booklet with you.

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There comes a point in every elementary school curriculum when they teach life cycles of animals, plants, humans and insects too. So, whether you are doing remote learning, or in person school this crazy pandemic year, you can probably use this educational booklet to supplement learning.

So, what do you know about the praying mantis or the praying mantis life cycle? Have you ever seen one up close?


Praying Mantis Facts

When they clasp their forelegs together, they look like they are praying.

They are named for a greek word mantikos which means prophet.

The females sometimes eat their mates. They are cannibals.

Did You Know?

These quirky insects have two eyes and only one ear.

While a few gardening companies and smaller outfits sell mantids as insect control for your garden, they are not actually that beneficial. Mantids do not discriminate and will eat all of the bugs in your garden, even the helpful species. There are many cute garden accessories though that look like praying mantis insects but less creepy. LOL.

Get this set of metal insects for the gardener in your life. They are super adorable.

There are over 2,000 species of mantids.

Mantids are not native to North America, but a few of the varieties were introduced to areas of the US, such as New York and Philadelphia.

Interested in learning more about the Praying Mantis?

Here are a few recommended resources. Are you a homeschooler? Get this kit to help bring this lesson to life. It’s perfect.

Praying Mantis Life Cycle Kit and Toys

This cute kid’s insects book works too. There are several praying mantis books available. Just determine what age level you are looking for.

Finally, we also love this one….Praying Mantis Book

What’s in the Book?

  • The first page is a Glue the Pieces to the Page Puzzle. 
  • Page 2 is a sweet little maze – help the praying mantis find his way through the maze to the mare.
  • Spelling and Trace the Letters to learn some new words like nymph. (great tool for nurturing early literacy)
  • Page 4 is a Self Correcting Puzzle. Use the scissors to cut this out and help reinforce hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too.

By the time the kids are done this praying mantis life cycle booklet, which is pretty simple, but also educational, they will understand a lot more about this curious insect.

Download the full booklet here:

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