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Five Free Fitness Apps To Help This Year

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit, boost your health, and lose weight, but a lot of times it seems impossible to do. Whether it’s because you’re unmotivated, not challenged or just because you LOVE food, doing it on your own and with no help from a diet plan or workout routine can be difficult. But not with these 5 Free Fitness Apps This Year. 

fitness apps


Coming up with a plan that works for you individually is the best way to make your resolution become a reality. For some, that might mean trying a handful of different things before getting it right but once you do, you’ll know it – and it’ll feel great and as you get fit, grow stronger and feel more energetic. Maybe you will also lose a pound or two. I’m not super focused on weight loss but strength and energy building.

Next to eating healthy, working out and getting fit is so important in achieving your resolutions. This gets easier and easier now that nearly all of us have smartphones and it couldn’t be easier to download an app to help you get into better shape. There are a TON of different types of fitness apps that you can download to help you get fit right in the comfort of your own home – going into the app store and looking for an app is actually difficult because there are so many different choices! But stop your searching because I’ve officially found the 5 BEST fitness apps that will help you lose weight, get fit and help achieve your resolutions:

Instant Abs Trainer: this app has SO many great exercises to tone your stomach and help you build the abs you want to have this summer! Where ever you are, you can open the app and start your set of exercises. With this app, you really feel like you have your own personal trainer that travels around with you wherever you go! The best part about the app is that you don’t have to try and create a workout routine that you can do; the app has a ton of different exercises to choose from and then you can follow your chosen exercise step-by-step. The app works wonders for toning your body – especially as you’re starting to see results from your diet plan; this is a great app to help tone your body.


MyFitnessPal: as one of the most used and most high-rated fitness apps, there’s no secret as to why – the interface is always being updated and this app does it all! This is one that I use often because it is simple and it’s already preloaded on many Apple devices. You can track what you eat (by calories) and you can enter in exercise info to help balance out your food intake. The best part about this app now is that if you use an Apple Watch, you can easily use the app with your device AND it can track your steps! It’s been highly rated by a number of companies and news outlets and is something that everyone trying to diet should try. One of the newer updates allows you to connect the app to devices such as the FitBit and Jawbone, too! This gets high marks from me.

7 Minute Workout: not only is this app pretty in pink, it’s awesome when you need to get a quick – but effective – workout in too! There are video tutorials for each of the ten 7 minute workouts and they’re great for everyone from beginners up to the pros. The most beneficial part of this app is that you can track your weight and your progress, making it easy to see how quickly you’re losing the weight.

Map My Fitness: if you’re a runner, this app is for you! By using the GPS feature on your device, the app measures your run – where you went, how far you went and how long it took. This is great if you’re a distance runner and also if you’re using running as your method of fitness. You can even record any other physical activity you do and track all activity; sleep, steps, workouts, etc on an activity graph. In the newest update, you can sync your account with apps like MyFitnessPal to track your eating habits, too! If you have friends using the app, you can share your workout information with friends and family that use it too. This is one of the best apps to use when working out and it definitely is able to help meet your goals.

PumpUp: if you’re someone whose fitness plan works best with others, then this is the perfect community based app to use! There is an entire PumpUp community of people who are all in the same boat as you and want to succeed as much as you do. You can create, share and use all sorts of workouts and track your progress all at the same time! This app has come a long way from the start and it continues to get so much better.

Don’t get discouraged this early into the year – get working on your fitness goals and New Year’s resolutions with these easy-to-use apps! There are a ton of digital ways to help you lose weight and track your progress; all of which are must haves when you’re trying to reach a goal that most of the time is NOT that easy. Remember, you can do it!

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