Four Reasons I am Attending Mompreneur Conference

This weekend I am heading to the Mompreneur conference in Toronto. As you all know this is not my first conference. I attend about 6 social media workshops and conferences throughout the year. But this one is different. First of all, it’s a business focus. In particular, a women in business focus. Why is that important? Simply put, I am a business. And I am a woman. I run a social media strategy and marketing business in addition to the health blogging and marketing that I do here at Thrifty Momma’s Tips.

Business has grown and I know full well the power and importance in networking. I also know that’s a goal I can always work on here. It is not my happy place, or my first love. Networking for me is awkward. It’s a kind of necessary tool that I strive to improve. I am at heart an introvert. So networking is a skill that is always evolving.

Any conferences I attend this year have to be seriously useful for me or I can’t spare the time away from the office, away from my family, away from my new home that I am still trying to furnish.

I’m carving out time to attend the Mompreneur conference because: 

1. Networking

I look forward to the opportunity to network. I need to network and learn better networking skills.

2. Goals

This conference is consistent with my goals this year. My word this year was growth and attending a women in business conference should help with growth personally and professionally.

3. Speakers

Then, there’s this: Arlene Dickinson. I adore, admire, and respect her. She’s all kinds of awesome. She is smart and savvy and she created a business from the ground up, as a single Mom.

4. Free ticket!!

I won this ticket, which is a bonus. I kind of think that’s the universe telling me there’s a reason to be there, Paula. So get moving, keep growing and force yourself out of the comfort zone.

Anyways, I hope to have some new connections and to hone some business skills after this one day conference. I am not attending to learn social media, because that’s not the focus of the event. And frankly I am all over that daily. It’s my business and I know it pretty well. I hope to return with a post about what I have gained from this experience. Wish me luck!

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