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All roads lead to Disney lately at our house. This entire March break was filled with song and dance and theatre. Oldest daughter was Tinkerbell in an Original Kids Theatre troupe production of Peter Pan. Before that we saw Disney on Ice featuring Peter Pan and then at the end of March break we ran into half a dozen families we know at Disney Live. That, in itself, was a hoot. 
I never ever mind time spent enjoying Disney movies, shows, books, toys. There is something to be said about the quality of time spent together as a family. Disney live entertainment forces us to take an afternoon, or a night, just to hang out together and enjoy being a family. Maybe that’s why I love Disney so much. Lately, all this Disney has me craving a trip to the pinnacle of all things Disney – Walt Disney World.
This weekend we attended the Budweiser Gardens performance of Disney Live Mickey’s Rockin’ Roadshow. It was a cute live show intended for toddlers and preschoolers. It was a bit young, in my opinion, for my girls, but we enjoyed the time together and my kids were into the Princess parts for sure. The premise of Mickey’s Rockin’ Roadshow is that Mickey and Minnie and Donald are putting on a talent show. They take a big, comical, cute road trip to find the most talented performers they know. They stop at a show store and eventually they locate Cinderella who has a magnificent voice. Then Buzz Lightyear and Woody and Jessie are found and cajoled into taking part. Finally Tigger is discovered bouncing around like he usually does. Tigger is a talented gymnast of sorts. 
This is a great show for preschoolers and it seemed to hold the attention of my friend’s adorable toddlers the entire time. It runs a bit over 90 minutes with a short intermission. The children on the floor were enthralled and there was a fair bit of audience participation which I enjoyed seeing. This show is designed to get kids moving. 
Look for the Disney Live shows to head to your town. The end confetti cannon made me chuckle. The people seated on the floor were drenched in paper confetti at the end of the show. (Be warned.)
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