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Fresh Family Meals From Chef’s Plate

There’s no Mom, or Dad for that matter, who isn’t familiar with the dinner hour panic that goes a little something like this. Work all day, busy putting out fires, then suddenly you look at the clock and realize it’s 4:30 or 5 p.m. and you didn’t plan dinner. You didn’t thaw any meat or protein and you have nothing planned. Around here that’s a regular kind of feeling and it’s not much fun. So when Chef’s Plate contacted me with some fresh family meal ideas delivered straight to my home I was excited to check the service out.


There are multiple reasons I loved Chef’s Plate and am thinking about ordering regularly from them. The ingredients sent are fresh and delivered straight to your door with a handy recipe card and instructions on how to prepare the meals. The ingredients are locally sourced and delivered in a refrigerated box that is also completely recyclable. There are some delicious options that take you out of that dinner rut.

Beef and Cheddar Pasta Shells

Ten reasons I love fresh family meals from Chef’s Plate:

  1. It’s super convenient.
  2. The fresh ingredients are fantastic. It’s hard to keep fresh food stocked all the time at home. Sometimes the kids eat fresh items too fast and other times I just don’t have the time to go and replace the fresh goods every three days. Occasionally I cannot find the fresh ingredients I need for something I want to make because it is out of season and an outrageous price and I refuse to pay extra for asparagus for instance in October when the price of it was $1.99 in July and August.
  3. The tween loves to cook and helps me out frequently. Chef’s Plate was perfect for her. It had some inspiring new recipes and they were easy instructions to follow. Plus it was fun to pull these new meals together with her.
  4. Chef’s Plate fresh family meals save me time. They took the guess work out of what’s for dinner tonight.
  5. When you are in a rut and you don’t have any new recipes up your sleeve these can help. There is a constant rotation of new recipes from the chefs at Chef’s Plate. In fact I worried that it would be the same recipes repeated but the recipes I ordered have since moved on and there are at least eight new ones I spotted that my family would enjoy.
  6. The fresh family meals were pretty healthy and because everything is locally sourced and fresh there’s no added sodium or added preservatives etc. That speaks to me.
  7. Meal time is family time again with Chef’s Plate. That’s always the goal here.
  8. I found two or three new ideas here that made me happy and were delicious. I especially loved making my own salad dressing for the caesar salad as indicated in the directions here. It was fantastic and I am keeping that recipe card so I can commit that to memory.
  9. My 12-year-old and I had a routine every Wednesday night all summer. We watched Master Chef together every week. It’s our guilty pleasure. We both love the show. SO, periodically some of that cooking rubs off on Ainsley and she gets to practice her skills with me. She actually has better instincts than I do in the kitchen when cooking. Occasionally she will say hey let’s add lime to this recipe or something like that and it turns out great.
  10. Your family will love the meals and think you have gone to cooking school suddenly.



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We had Seared Salmon with green beans and a creamy Caesar salad. It served four and had a prep time of about half an hour. Ever since the tween and I started watching Master Chef together she has taken a lot of pride in PLATING food. So she followed the picture here and felt pretty good about how this seared salmon turned out. I found the salmon was not as spicy as I expected which was probably good because my kids are not really that into spicy foods.


I had been talking to Ainsley about making homemade croutons for weeks and we never got around to it until this showed up. Together we have made homemade croutons two more times since serving this meal. These are fun ways to get your whole family involved in the process of learning about foods and flavours.


All recipes take thirty minutes or less. All ingredients are pre-measured and ready to use. Chef’s Plate makes it simple to make fresh family meals regularly. The second meal we got was Beef and Cheddar Pasta Shells. It was pretty easy and very cheesy and so that was a hit here too.

Chef’s Plate has experienced success across Ontario and Western Canada since their launch 1.5 years ago.

Chef’s Plate fresh family meals

You can order for 2 or 4 people.

Chefs Plate’s mission is to reintroduce real food into people’s diets. We are a meal-kit delivery service that delivers perfectly portioned ingredients and detailed recipe cards for nutritious meals. Cooking nutritious meals can be simple, quick and fun and we hope to make people fall in love with cooking at home again.

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I received product to facilitate this post. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

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