Leaf crafts and activities

Fun Family Leaf Crafts and Activities

Fall is approaching, which means the leaves are changing colours and soon will be falling everywhere. Why not use some to make fun leaf crafts? As lovely as it is when the leaves change colours, it can be a bit of a mess when they fall all over roads and lawns. In our old neighbourhood, at our old house, we had so many leaves. We bagged them for days on end. It was so much work. We had some huge trees in our yard.

In the newer area where we live now the trees are just a little bit younger and the leaves aren’t quite as much trouble. Leaves themselves are really gorgeous. Instead of raking and cleaning up your leaves, there are ways to just simply have fun with the leaves. They are great for crafts too. You can make many things with them or just simply play with them!

Leaf crafts and activities


Here’s a few things you can do with all of those leaves you collect this Fall.

1. Make Piles and Jump in Them:

When I was a kid, my mom would have my brother and I go out and rake up the leaves and put them into trash bags to clean up the yard! I never understood this as a child. Leaves were for jumping in. Plus, even when you pick them up more are just going to fall, so you will have to clean them all up again. Like most kids, we would put off the bagging process and instead, scoop them into big piles and jump in them instead. We did the same at my Grandma’s house. We would try to get our piles to be as big as we possibly could and then we had loads of fun taking turns jumping in.

2. Leaf Angels: 

While jumping into piles of leaves, take a break and make some leaf angels too. Just like snow angels, but with leaves instead. Same concept. Just simply move your arms and legs and then get up and you will have an angel shape. This is such a simple activity but believe me, it is fun.

3. Make Leaf Characters: 

At Halloween you can find trash bags with faces and things on them and you can make leaf characters. Gather up some old Jeans or Overalls, a plaid shirts, and some accessories like a hat and gloves to make a character stuffed with your leaves. You can sit him on your porch and display your creation all season.

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4. Make a Leaf Bowl: 

I did this last Fall and I thought it was such a fun concept! All you need is a good amount of leaves, a balloon, and some Mod Podge CS11302 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Matte Finish or mod podge. Just blow up a balloon to however big you want your bowl to be, cover the bottom of the bowl in leaves and cover in mod podge. Allow it to dry and voila. You have a bowl. Just to make your bowl stronger and last longer, clear coat the inside and you are good to go and able to use it for whatever you need to use it for.

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5. Create Leaf Art: 

Leaves lend themselves to many different art projects. You can make a collage of various leaves by putting them on a canvas and slap a coat of mod podge on top, or you can even dip your leaves in paint and push them against a canvas to make a print! You can use paper and crayon and just create an etching by rubbing the crayon over the leaf onto the page.

There are tonnes of leaf activities and crafts this time of year.

Do you have any special or unique leaf crafts? Let me know in the comments below.

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