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What Would You Do With a Walmart Dyson DC33 Origin? #Giveaway

Walmart Dyson DC33 review

For years I have oogled and envied my friend’s Dyson vacuum cleaners. But the price tag has just seemed a bit out of reach for a thrifty shopper like me. At least, until very recently. This summer Dyson emailed to let me know they had a new version of their well known beautiful workhorse of a vacuum. This version, the Walmart Dyson DC33 Origin, sells for a very manageable price, just under $400. It’s also available at Walmart. So, I had to see it for myself.


The Walmart Dyson DC33 Origin is a gorgeous looking vacuum cleaner. Hard to say who was more excited when this arrived – my husband, or myself. Dyson is one vacuum with a reputation that is pretty much unblemished. Dyson is revolutionary in its design and the brand continues to innovate. Everyone knows they are built to last and have a unique suction feature that puts the competition to shame. Dyson has always been the Cadillac of home vacuum cleaners for consumers. This particular model is an upright. But are they now one of the more affordable vacuums? And what’s my take on this new version of the Dyson vacuum?


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Well, read on to find out. Vacuuming is not my happy place. Let’s just put that out there. I will tolerate it when I have to, but it’s not my favourite job in the world. Sometimes my husband or kids will vacuum. Over the years we have owned several vacuums. I have a cordless upright and I still have an ancient canister vacuum that was purchased at Sears. This is my first ever Dyson experience. My husband was very interested in the design and wanted to know whether the cyclone actually worked.


Late last month we started painting my daughter’s room. We had to remove furniture and pull the room apart to do that. Naturally that created a lot of dust and a bit of debris on her floor. Both of my girls have some allergies, just like my husband and I. Of the lot of us, Payton’s environmental allergies (grass, pollen etc.) and my husband’s allergies (grass, mould, ragweed etc.) are the worst. So regular cleaning is important. At this time of the year Jim’s allergies are horrible. He usually gets sneezing and last week his eyes began to get really watery from our week at the cottage. So a good vacuum with a great filter is crucial for us. Please note: the filter on the Dyson is meant to be cleaned every three months for best performance.

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The Walmart Dyson DC 33 Origin has a great Hepa filter. The paperwork with the machine reminds owners to wash the filter every three months. The Hepa filter and superior suction means the Walmart Dyson DC 33 Origin captured all the little bits of debris and dust before my daughter came home to the big reveal of her newly painted teenage room. It also means I have less to worry about with the family allergies. I have no issue recommending this one for families like ours with allergies, who are also typically on a budget. Vacuums, in general, can be extremely expensive no matter what brand you choose so you might as well choose the best and make sure you’ve invested in one that lasts.

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The only drawback about the Walmart Dyson DC 33 Origin is the weight of the machine. When using it on one floor, it’s perfect. The machine weighs 17.5 pounds. It is substantial and it performs well. I tested it up and down a huge staircase that I have leading up to the bedrooms and the weight was a bit challenging.

The Walmart Dyson DC33 Origin comes with three added tools to make sure you get the best out of your machine:

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–       Combination accessory tool: nozzle for large debris converts to a brush tool for dusting, ideal for baseboard crevices

       Stair tool: attaches to the wand or hose for easy cleaning on stairs

–       Mattress tool:  removes dirt and allergens from mattresses and upholstery

The Dyson DC33 Origin has an adjustable cleaner head. It is certified asthma and allergy friendly. This Dyson is a new exclusive to Walmart – the Dyson DC33 Origin – $398.88. It is the the ideal machine for someone who’s always wanted a Dyson: it has the same great technology expected from Dyson, but at a price point that’s manageable. The DC33 has cyclones that capture more microscopic dust than any other cyclone and a HEPA filter that traps microscopic pollen and allergens, ideal for allergy sufferers. And with a self-adjusting cleaner head, it maintains contact with your floor to seal in suction, from hard floors to carpets.

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Stay tuned because I have one of these to give to one lucky Canadian reader too. Just follow the instructions in the widget below for a chance to win. The Walmart Dyson DC 33 Origin has a five year limited warranty and is available at Walmart.

I received one of these for purposes of review and have one for giveaway too. My opinion is all my own. 

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