Fun Summer Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This summer, I am hoping more than anything that we have, first of all, our vaccines. Second of all, I hope we have some chances to explore and have fun together. If you are looking for some easy and fun activities to do with family, then you might enjoy my summer scavenger hunt.

It’s anybody’s guess what the summer will look like. But, it has to be better than this. Hopefully we have all had our first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine and we can rest a little easier than we are currently.

What’s on Your Mind this Summer?

But even if we are close to home and spending all of the days nearby, I have you covered with several fun activities like this summer scavenger hunt and also this indoor scavenger hunt.

During the summer, in addition to hitting the beach, my family enjoys swimming in our pool. Last year, we were never more grateful to have a home with a pool. I like to keep a variety of pool toys and floats on hand for lounging, or a fun water-based game. Water toys and floats keep us all in the pool swimming longer and that’s a great goal for any age.

Swimming is a healthy activity for families. This past year, we have done a lot of walking too, pretty much every single day.

Summer Fun is right around the corner and even during a pandemic, while you might have to look harder to find it, it is possible to have fun. Check out this summer cooking challenge or this summer drawing challenge while you are at it.

Check out these Crayola pencil crayons to use when doing any of my colouring activities. They are our favourites.


Other Fun Printables

How to Download This Activity.

Click on the link below and download this easy summer scavenger hunt.

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