Try My Fun Summer Cooking Challenge Now!

Okay, so by this part of the pandemic none of us have any original ideas left to do or share, bake or make. We have been cooking and crafting and climbing the walls for months on end, right? So, what’s next? Maybe a summer cooking challenge is exactly what you need.

Summer Cooking Challenge

This month, I might try one of those subscription meal delivery services again, just to change out up a bit. The kids like those and frankly sometimes I can inspire them to get involved making the meals with me. Occasionally, we also find a new favourite recipe out of the experience. They can be a bit expensive though and Coronavirus means I am being a but careful with anything packaged.

Summer Cooking Should Be Lighthearted

In the winter months, I am all about the crock pot dinners and Instapot meals. It’s so incredibly convenient to have that option. Summer is all about the barbecue here. Grilling and chilling. So, thank goodness we have a lot of barbecue meal ideas.

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Take My Summer Cooking Challenge

Out of creative ideas? Make a recipe with granola, a dessert with fruit or food shaped like an animal. Everyone loves funky fun teddy bear pancakes, or heart shaped red pancakes. Strawberry and fruit kabobs?

Side Dishes for Dinner? Try to think outside of the box. A great risotto, noodles, or steamed vegetables with a sprinkling of cheese. Soup maybe even. Check out my Italian Wedding Soup recipe coming up next week.

Give Some of These a Try

Summer salads your thing? Don’t miss these awesome ideas for something new and healthy tonight.

Print this one out if you want to remember it or post it on your calendar so you have these ideas for your reference.

What’s your parent’s favourite meal? What’s yours? If you have any great ideas for new and creative things to add to this summer challenge, let me know.

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