My Summer Drawing Challenge for Kids

It’s a commonly known fact, in my house anyways, that I am surrounded by artistic children.

I actually love their creativity.


While I am creative, I am not, generally speaking, artistic. These kids can draw and paint and craft all day long.

They have always been like this. Forever making, baking and creating things.

Right now, as I am finishing this summer drawing challenge post, my daughter is making origami creatures nearby.

That’s a good thing right now since there’s nothing much else to do to occupy their time during a pandemic.

But, if someone asked me to draw a person I’d be hard pressed to do one that resembled anything much at all.

But the kids are quite good. One has done art consistently throughout high school.

Seriously though, I am forever looking for ideas and projects to keep the kids occupied, or at least to structure their art and crafting time.

So, that’s kind of why I came up with this summer drawing challenge for kids.

Try This Challenge for the Kids

If your kids are the “Mom, I am bored” kind, then this might also help structure their time just a bit.

And if you have teenagers and you are hunting for things to do with them now during a pandemic, then you may wish to check out this post – > 19 Things to Do During a Pandemic with Teens

Download the challenge below via the secure link. Enjoy!

If you use this or do it together, then please remember to come back and let me know. I love to hear about you and your family using the recipes or printables here. Seeing you succeed at the crafts or the recipes here makes me happy.

By Now You Might Be Going Bonkers

I am indeed fully aware that by now after weeks, or months, of online school, and no sports, or after school activities, you might be going barking mad.

So, here’s another small idea or tool in your pandemic activity toolkit.

So, What Do You Love to Draw?

What’s your favourite thing to draw? Love the idea of drawing your favourite family trip, which is one of the adorable ideas on this summer drawing challenge.

Of course, I also love the sidewalk chalk creations everyone is making right now.

Now, who knows what I should do with all of their artwork?

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