Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Easy Activities For Rainy Days

OH my goodness, these days during the pandemic we are getting increasingly clever at doing things while social distancing. We parents are smart at the best of times and even smarter, or maybe more resourceful, especially now during a pandemic. I mean, who would have thought that we’d be hunting down ways to amuse kids after shifting everything to help our kids embrace distance learning during this time.

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Keeping Kids Busy Indoors

There are so many ways to keep kids occupied even indoors. If you are hunting for something new to do, consider the Inside Scavenger Hunt! One year, I used something kind of similar to do a fun hunt for my daughter’s birthday gift. I left clues all over the house that because a scavenger hunt indoors eventually revealing her present!

Of course, if you can still go for walks while maintaining social distancing, then do that. But, while they are safe at home perhaps you can use a few of the tools here to help keep them busy.

WE love outdoor scavenger hunts. I have used them many times over the years. For little ones, it’s a great way to get them learning about their neighbourhood and exploring concepts such as numbers and colours.

Indoor Scavenger Hunts Can Be Fun!

I used to give mine each a clipboard or notepad and pencils with homemade scavenger hunt sheet and they’d scour our neighbourhood and yard for numbers, insects, birds and animals. Love the idea of saying find something that starts with the Letter C and then having then figure out the rest. We also often did these on the way to the library nearby. If you use a clipboard, be careful the kids don’t pinch their fingers.

With so much time to spend inside and limits that you want to place on screen time, you can use some fun activities like this indoor scavenger hunt to keep them moving. You don’t need much to make this work either!

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