Handmade Snowy #DIY Simple Christmas Ornament

Are you a fan of simple DIY Christmas ornaments the kids can make with you using inexpensive materials? Well, here’s one of the easiest ornaments I have found yet. It requires paint, an ornament and your child’s handprint. Trust me this will become a cherished Christmas ornament from here on in.


Looking for a few Simple DIY Christmas Ornament ideas?

Then I have a Do it Yourself ornament idea for you.

DIY Easy Christmas Ornament

Normally this time of year we have a big beautiful real tree, decorated to match our living room, spreading pine scented love throughout the house. But real trees don’t go with hardwood which we are trying to keep pristine for two more months until we move. Our ornaments got packed away when we started the decluttering process, and got ready to stage our home. Our decorations, lights and everything else that is Christmas-y is all in a storage locker across town.

So what’s a family to do?

Getting Creative 

Well, since we can’t go all Christmas with the Kranks, we decided to get creative.

This year, there won’t be any fancy themed tree, it will be 100 % about the kids. Last night, we finally found a simple inexpensive artificial tree which will be the children’s tree.

When Moving You Make New Traditions 

Next year, when we are in the new house, we will give them this tree to decorate and put in our big new basement. The ornaments this year will all be handmade by my kids. This is the year they can do whatever they wish with the tree. I half expect to see it draped with rainbow loom garland. And that’s okay.



I wish I could take full responsibility for this pretty ornament, but my daughter made it with her VON support worker. Do you see the snowmen? This is what you need to make a special snowy Christmas ornament.

Here’s What You Need

Dollar store plain ornament.

White paint.

Black paint


How to Make it:

1. Take your white paint and coat your little person’s hand with it.

2. Have them gently hold the ornament in the palm of their hand transferring handprint to the ornament (works well on contrasting colours, so bright ornaments) This will either look like snow or a snowman. There is no wrong way to do this one.

3. Wait for the white to dry a little bit and then use your paintbrush and black paint to colour the fine details on the bulb.

4.Let it dry and hang on your tree or gift to someone this cute and Simple DIY Christmas Ornament.

5. You might also have your child write their name and year in small letters on the back.

The Best Part

The best part of this simple DIY Christmas ornament is that you now have your child’s handprint captured forever, or at least until you break the ornament. 🙂

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  • Christy Garrett

    I like this idea, I really need to get something made for my son. Might hit up the sales after Christmas and buy some colored ornaments and make all the kids their hand prints keepsake ornament.