Happy New Year – Here’s to White Coats

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Last week I bought a white coat. What does that have to do with Happy New Year and 2013 and all those brand new resolution posts and articles? Well, I’ll tell you.
My white coat is for me. Just me.
I haven’t had a white coat in 12-15 years. Why, because I have kids. Every parent I know, every mom I know understands the complete impracticality of a white coat. Kids are messy. They sneeze and spit up and throw up and wipe various bits of junk on you even when simply hugging and spreading their love.  So, I have had black coats and brown coats and dark pink coats for 12 years now. When I moved to London I bought a heavy duty warm dark purple ugly coat that kept me warm and I was shapeless, but toasty. Last week I played with my four year old nephew and my kids in a snowy, muddy, backyard. I raced up and down my backyard climber and I slid and ran and hid and played Hide and Seek and we had epic fun jumping our of the bushes after dinner in the dark and sending shrieking children scrambling in mock terror. Good times. 
One year after I bought a light pink ski jacket I loved, I ripped it. I was very sad but I kept it and wore it with its ripped arm, sustained while attending a school council meeting – of all things. 
Last week I went shopping and had in my head a picture of a white coat. Winter white was what I wanted and nobody was dissuading me of my notion.
I finally found one at Masonville Mall in London and bought it. I returned home with my beautiful new coat and heard this. 
From Grandma – “Well that will only be a one season coat you know.”
From husband – “What??? You didn’t buy white?”
Yes, I did. My kids are now impossibly 11 and 8. Sure they still vomit sometimes and wipe bits of junk on Mommy when I am being their Mom. But they are also old enough to race to the bathroom on their own when the urge to vomit starts. Or to reach for that Kleenex first. Or to wipe their hands before they smear chocolate on me.
I still have my purple backyard coat. I will still enjoy the moments when we race down the climber and shriek and get dirty. But me, this is my year of white coats. 
Happy New Year!

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.