Happy New Years Charades + Printable

So here we are. Almost…The mother of all nights….New Year’s Eve. Oh there will be some serious celebrating, but it won’t be at bars or at big parties. It will be the close to home kind of fun. Maybe with a little New Years Charades thrown in the mix.

I genuinely hope that all of you are making smart and healthy choices this New Year and that you are staying home.

This year, we will probably ski during the day close to home and then chill out and share some scrumptious snacks and maybe watch a live broadcast, drink some red wine or hop on a Zoom call with friends.

Listen, 2020 has been all about getting creative and understanding that sometimes that means Zoom, or FaceTime. It’s all good. We have learned to be creative and to value time at home. This year, we celebrated birthdays with drive by greetings and we met up in parking lots with an easy six feet between us. Masks became very common and a thing that we reach for every single day the moment before we open the door to go to school or work or the grocery store.


Some of us celebrated baby showers on line via Zoom and we shared games and even watched the guest of honour open their presents via Zoom. Many of us, by now have had a pandemic birthday, and a few might even be closing in on a second one actually. I am looking at you March babies. (Ainsley is one of those so I feel you.)

I feel like we have become a very resilient race this year. Sadly, many of us lost someone we knew to Coronavirus and that was gutting. Many of you, my readers and friends stepped back and out in your neighbourhoods. You looked for tiny signs of life and joy on the streets where you live.

Maybe you painted rocks. Maybe you got out of bed every single day and maybe you didn’t. But here we are – at the end of this awfully challenging year.

Right now, I can’t think of anything immediately within the realm of possibility that might be better than celebrating the end of 2020.

BYE BYE, 2020

Here’s hoping that next year is so very much kinder to all of us. The vaccine is here in record time. Hurray for that, but it could be months before we can all get it. Not going to lie, that part makes me very uneasy.

Play New Years Charades

If you are jumping on a Zoom call or doing FaceTime this year for New Year’s Eve, maybe these ideas can help. I have a few simple games and printable tools that you are welcome to share with friends and family in order to make the evening special. New Years Charades games and scavenger hunts can be easily done with distance.

Over in my home, we have doubled down on the Christmas decorations because we need the cheer.

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