Cute Christmas Snowmen Colouring Page for Kids

This Christmas snowmen colouring page for kids is adorable and just cheery enough to make everyone stop and enjoy colouring for a few moments.

Keeping Spirits Bright

I am all in this Christmas when it comes to decorating and trying to keep spirits bright. So, I am sharing some easy Christmas resources here for you as well to help you stay positive and on top of saving money while also creating activities for your kids that helps them to stay healthy and engaged.


Cute Christmas Snowmen

This Snowmen Couple, or should that be snow person/ snow people Colouring Page for Kids is the latest in the colouring pages being shared here. I hope that you enjoy all of these activities and I also hope that you take time to relax and colour together this holiday.

My True Confessions

There’s a huge part of me that just wants to hibernate and wake up when this is over. But I am working hard daily to just keep going.

With that in mind, although it is not at all related to colouring pages, here you go….Mental Health Resources to Use Now.

Winter is Normally my Favourite

Anyways, I love winter and I will do my best to embrace it even in this terribly hard season. The 2020 season was brutal. I have spent much energy watching all of the Hallmark movies and loving them and I have done everything possible to create a festive home because it is good for our mental health.

So, I will keep on chugging along. And I will also build in more walks again and some hikes (I hope there are some spaces that are not closed to that option.)

Print This Christmas snowmen colouring page for kids via the link below.

If You Need Something New

When the kids were small, especially when we had gaps in time between present opening and dinner and relatives visiting, I always planned to have numerous activities lined up to keep them busy.

This year, we have no relatives coming to visit, due to the pandemic. We will FaceTime and Zoom and all of that to stay in touch and share some of the experience.

Printing off colouring sheets and worksheets and activities like Christmas charades to do indoors is one way to keep them occupied, now more than ever actually.

I typically plan some outings like skating and skiing and sometimes winter tubing too. This year we will be abiding by all of the health unit regulations, so who knows if we can even skate or visit the local ski hill.

At the very least this year, I am hoping there is snow. Then we can all go out to our yards and play a bit…Oh, and of course, go make a snowman, a snow woman and maybe even an entire family! Bundle up and get outside or move safely!

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.